Next Character to play as? Who's your favorite

So I’ve played with Athena throughout all of TPS, and haven’t bought any DLC and I find playing with her really fun. Back in The original Borderlands I played as Lillith although I didn’t play the game much. In BL2, I had every DLC there was, got my Siren to OP8 and also a Kreig to Lv72, which probably would be my favorite character if I could get my hands on Lv72 guns. I got a Gunzerker to lv50 but it felt almost like a chore playing as him because it just was too easy.

Now I want to start a new character but I’m not sure who to play as next, I’m kinda thinking Wilhelm although I feel like I’d love Aurelia if I had the DLC for her.

What’s your guys favorite character, and who do you recommend?

Nisha is great fun. A bit easy sometimes, but frail.

Jack, hands down. My first character I got to LVL 70 was Wilhelm and he is boring to play with now that I have Jack at level 70. Wilhelm is all strategy and survivability and is really boring to play with.

I really like Wilhelm because ROBO-PUNCH! But in all seriousness, he is a well balanced character with solid damage potential and great survivability. Pretty much all weapons work with him and every playstyle is viable. I also think that his personality is hilarious.

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Clappy! :blleaking:

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I’d have said Jack myself, but they state multiple times they have no DLC.

claptrap if you can handle constantly shifting strategies. i’m loving aurelia.

Claptrap, because he works super well with shotguns and blowing ■■■■ up. It would be Wilhelm if Venom Bolts boosted corrosive damage as opposed to corrode damage, but that’s sadly not the case, so Clappy it is.

I’ve played with Athena, Wilhelm, and Nisha extensively, and of those three, Wilhelm was far and away my favorite.

I love playing as Wilhelm, his action skill is my favorite in the entire series so far and I find that few things can survive against me when I use the Absolute Zero and Laser Disker. With game changers like Laser Guided and Overcharge you can deal a LOT of punishment.

I’m not a fan of Jack so far (he lacks raw consistent bonuses that I prefer using) and I can’t stand Fragtrap’s skill trees and action skill (too unpredictable), so I may be biased.

Athena and claptrap for farming bosses. Aurelia for general mobbing, co-op, and loot-haxorz.

Athena is my main by far as since the beginning as well. In vanilla Wilhelm was decent fun as a 2ndary, once he levels and fills out his skill trees a bit. Did not enjoy the alternatives very much.

In coming back Aurelia is very fun, can be played like an assault mage instead of a sniper

So you’ve hit on the same characters, and I think you will enjoy them

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Played through several times with Claptrap and Nisha. Nisha is great if you just want to roll over everyone. I prefer Claptrap for the randomness, and because he doesn’t require oxygen.

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Athena is my favorite character cuz she’s tank class. If you really want a unique experience and have the money then purchase either Jack or Aurelia. If that isn’t an option, then Clappy because everyone should experience the craziness that he brings.


i’ve been playing tps since the night of release and have gone through phases where athena and claptrap were my favorites due to their being incredibly OP when built right. however as time has passed i’ve found myself using wilhelm the most out of the 6 characters, he feels the most balanced to me and while not being at all overpowered he is very well capable of handling any situation thrown at you.

Athena is the most sophisticated vault hunter among all

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I don’ have a favorite… They’re all great, but my least fav so far is Nisha… Don’t like melee…

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Oh man, Athena’s my main. But I also like Nisha and Claptrap - Jakobs Nisha for sheer “psuedo-Salvador” DPS, and an Explodifying Claptrap is just… awesome. I mean - who DOESN’T want to become a pirate ship with 4 cannons blasting out “1812 Overture” while one-shotting Ultimate Badasses with a Casual Ravager at the same time???

The only character I haven’t tried is Jack. Because… he’s Jack (even though I know he’s not…). All I want to do with Jack is kill him. Many, many times.


Only character where I did every quest with (Holodome and Raid aside) was Athena. Nisha has 2 quests left open.
So there’s my answer, Athena and Nisha.

Guess what? That’s exactly how the best jack builds work. You get to kill sort-of-jacks over, and over, and over…