Next dlc Lilith's Search

Maybe she is still alive in some obscure planet or dimension :laughing:


I’m assuming she’s on Elpis… wherever she moved it to.

A la star trek lll the search for spock

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if shes alive , she wouldve teleport back soon
or shes completely powerless after teleported a moon , therefore she cannot come back without eridium
or shes dead because it exceed the limit of a siren

Am I being callous if I say that I am ok with her being dead?


Randy Varnell said on the Borderlands show that Liliths story is over for now. They are giving the character a rest as she has been a fairly big part of the series in every single game. Borderlands 3 in a way really was her story. She has had the largest ongoing character arch of any in the series, from Vault Hunter, to Crimson raider, to having to lead the raider. She has been though more growth as a character then anyone else.

Randy also talked about “The War” the Guardian from BLTPS mentioned. He talked about if and when they do that it will probably be a big thing. I would guess that is when Lilith would come back.

I would like an Elpis DLC just to see what has become of the moon.


Well since Ava is the leader she will probably have us search for her old toys, not Lilith.

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I have to agree with some of the guys in the comments.

Lilith was part of every BL game as far as I know, and I have to agree too, it’s time to give her some rest. Bring on some new characters, or the ones that didn’t get too much attention. Probably some people will hate me for this, but give Ava some real reasons for being in the game. I didn’t feel she had too much role in the story. I don’t know, give a DLC just being revolved around Ava. How she got here, who she is, where does she come from. I don’t know what the future holds, specially regarding to BL3 DLCs, but I would like to know (even) more about Athena for example. We are all different (thankfully), and we all want to see other kind of things regarding to DLCs. Also, I wouldn’t be bothered that much if Gearbox would kick off the formula we all know by now, and introduce another season pass, with 4 more DLCs (making it 8 DLCs in total). And yeah, for me the story is important too, and I don’t mind at all knowing more back story about NPCs or the playable characters.


Not likely but I wish she was dead…I think she’s a horrible character to begin with

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Meet me back on Sanctuary Killer.

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Prob won’t see her for a while, and I’m ok with that. Hopefully we see some cool new characters heading forward and I think some of the other older vault hunters will see more love hopefully. And I know we are vault hunters but I’m tired of hearing about vaults for now. :joy:

I think BL3 was honestly terrible with managing character screen time. Tina, Brick and Mordeci are in the main story for all of an hour. The rest of there time was part of a small handful of sidequests.
Now I know in BL2 Tina is also not featured in the main story much but considering that she was a new character and they had no clue If she would be loved or hated I understand only having her around for a couple hours.

BL2s fight for Sanctuary dlc left a good number of us thinking the B Team would be a fairly prominent part of our Vault Hunting experience. I honestly would have preferred if they had not had them featured at all like the other 4 BL2 VHs. That is more of a personal preference based but upon replaying the game 6 times I don’t think I would have missed them. Instead they could have had Clayton featured in the prison, and more Vaughn, Tannis, and Elie side quests on Pandora part 2.

go watch borderlands show episode 2 you will know if she alive or not

I wonder why? It’s an apt term for the Vault Hunters.

Then next dlc seems on Elpis or some eridian plantet :star_struck:

It’s explained in the last BL2 DLC why Tina, Brick and Mordecai left the Crimson Raiders hence why they appeared in one mission in the BL3 story line.

Randy Varnell segment starts at 19:36. Nerf/buff in PvE explanation at 30:30. Lilith at 39:20-49:00, although it’s… well, see for yourself.

“Gone for a while”

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yep that’a confirm she not dead

I understand them going out on there own. I just don’t see the point in having there appearance be so insignificant. We do one job with them and then we swap to Clay. I’m fine with them being present I just found it odd that they did one job with us on Eden 6 and then well left without any kind of inkling what they what there purpose was, what are they up to outside of that one job? Are they Vault Hunting on other planets? Are they fighting COV? I would guess they are fighting COV and doing Crimson Raider stuff but we have characters like Maya, Tannis, Zero whose presence and contribution to the story can be felt across several chapters. The B team is a Cameo at best which wasn’t made very clear with how much Tina is marketed along with this game. It feel kind like when Sonic Team did Sonic 06 and they had like 5 or 6 useless side characters that simply showed up and added nothing to the plot.

Maybe I’m missing something but did Tina, Brick and Mordi add anything to the game plot? For my money I think there addition to the game was haphazardly pushed in for some fan service. I wish there presence had felt more organic to me but I just doesn’t.

I had the exact opinion as you did until I stumbled across echo logs in the Fight for Sanctuary DLC containing conversations that Mordecai and Brick had a falling out with Lilith over the whole executing Athena situation with Brick saying “Roland wouldn’t have done that.” which ended in Brick going his separate way.

Maybe there would be a reunion on a later DLC but who knows. I would like a DLC concentrated around them though maybe playing D&D again.