Next DLC = prepare for the most hard enemies

Crazy legendaries drop rates plus 3 levels more… it sounds that hard enemies are coming :laughing:

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Did GB state 3 levels more on the next DLC (though I expect nothing less by now)?

I doubt though these enemies will be that hard. If we take what we learned from the lvl 53 cap raise, if you had a strong lvl 50 gear and build, lvl 53 enemies didn’t make the game more challenging. If your lvl 50 gear and build struggle prior to the lvl 53 cap raise, you will struggle still at lvl 53. I assume this logic applies to lvl 56 cap raise (if your current gear is 53. It will be a different news if you are still using lvl 50 gear against 56)


Yep, it looks like there will be a huge firesale within my vault and VH’s in the not to distant future. I’m max’d right now as I refuse to let go of any legendary gear. If the level cap does goes up, and we find out they’re not going to allow us to upgrade level 50 gear by using eridium or something, I can see a major sell off on my side of the house!!!

Fairly certain GB said that the level increases would all coincide with “events” (i.e. free) unlike in the past.