Next Game is Centered Around Nurse Nina and the Vladof Corporation?

For the next game in the series, I theorize that it will revolve around Nurse Nina and the Vladof Corporation. With the lure of the intercepted echo transmission during the Systems Jammed missions in Concordia* and Nina’s thought bubble in the Claptastic voyage**, we have something to work on. She worked for both Dahl and Hyperion and is wanted by one of those (My guess is Dahl), which gives the developers a solid story to start on. Also, looking back at the previous games, who was our enemy? Atlas in Borderlands, Hyperion in Borderlands 2, and Dahl in Borderlands: The Pre Sequel. Grant it, Dahl abandoned Zarpedon and crew, but they still were Dahl soldiers. Furthering my theory, we don’t know didilly squat about Vladof, except for the founder of the corporation, Comrade Vladof, and that they are Russian-based. The question is, though, is Ivan Vladof Comrade Vladof or is Ivan Comrade’s son? There is a lot of room for expanding on this subject and it makes you wonder why the developers put these cannon bits into the game.

*"…no, mama, you know why I no come back! Am safe here. Company no know I’m here! Name is same because they EXPECT me change it. Anyway, mama – mama, no cry! Nina must go." -Nina’s intercepted echo to her mama.

** “Ooo! Nina is Ivan Vladof’s missing sister” - Claptrap’s thought bubble

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I like the vladof idea but nurse Nina not so much

I’d definitely rather hear Nina’s voice again rather than Springs or Pickle haha

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Pickle was not so bad

I wouldn’t mind seeing her in future games. As long as she doesn’t replace this guy.


No one can replace Zed EVER <3