Next-Gen Borderlands 3, FL4K's Fourth Skill Tree, and More Revealed at PAX Online

There are some Xbox players who completely fill this bill LoL. The game never worked on their console from day 1…


I can’t be the only one that hates the thought of PvP in a BL game. We have roughly 80-90k HP+shield, yet are dealing billions of damage. I can only imagine the ■■■■ storm this will be without an unimaginable amount of balancing required.


I can agree that all games have their hiccups from the start, especially now days but when it comes to BL3, sorry but this game has been a trainwreck from the start, at least from my point of view. Compared to the other three entries in the series this is the only one that has consistently crashed my console on a regular basis to the point that I haven’t played in months and GBX/2k could care less to fix it since they have my money already. If they cared to fix it they would have already but it doesn’t bring in added revenue.

Secondly all three of the other games I could play split screen with no problems and could clearly read the text on the screen without having to get 1 foot away. The wife and myself put in a crazy amount of hours and had a blast playing the games and the additional content so naturally we were excited when BL3 was announced and was a day one purchase.

I think we can all agree that every time a fix or patch is release we welcome it with trepidation being that we all know that for every fix two problems arise, thereby showing that proper testing even prior to this games release is pretty much non existent.

I could go on and on but there are plenty of threads on this forum pointing out the shortfalls of this game and issues that have yet to be addressed. Is it the worst game in history, no, of course not but it is certainly a fall from grace from a company that I one held in high regard.


OK, PS5 ordered, now lets hope for free update at launch. I’m counting on you GBX.

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