Next-gen Console Experience

Anyone here who has played Borderlands 3 in the Xbox Series X or PS5?

I’d like to know the following:

  • Loading times
  • Farming experience
  • Graphics and frame rate consistency


I posted this in another thread , so copying and pasting here.

I’ve played for about seven hours now on the Series X, and it’s night and day compared to old gen consoles.

Load times are virtually non-existent, most notably the Claptrap one which used to take me three minutes on the One S. Now it’s roughly 10 seconds. Same goes for save/quitting. Youre looking at about 15s to quit to the main menu, load back in, then reenter the boss arena. Not bad compared to the 60+ seconds JUST to reenter the game.

As for performance, again, night and day. Navigating your backpack is no longer a hassle, and I was able to run through both takedowns without any sound stutters, frame drops or lockups. Haven’t tried coop yet, but I’m sure it’ll run smoothly.

Graphics are great, aswell. On my One S I would see a lot of jagged lines (playing on a 40" LG), but that’s all but removed on the XSX. 4K, 60 hz is definitely what I’ve been enjoying the most, but even 1080p 120 hz is splendid.

In short, you will NOT be disappointed by the next-gen experience. I’m actually blown away by how good Borderlands 3 runs and looks on the Series X.


I just had a disc version and a digital PS5 in my walmart cart and went to check out and they took em out my cart and said sold out.
Kept trying to check out cause I thought I could slip through the cracks but no dice.
Gonna try again at 3pm.

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Damn I envy you. I tried preordering. Everyone beat me by half a second!

How are the game saves? Is it a smooth transition and every thing you have are still intact?

I personally had zero issues with the transition. All my characters and weapons are exactly how they were on the One S. However, I didn’t do the network transfer so I ended up having to download all the DLCs again lol.

Also, the quality of life is just so much better. I remember not being able to open my backpack, main menu, or use a catch-a-ride for like ten seconds when I would spawn into a new area. That’s gone now.

Navigating your backpack and safe is no longer a hassle. Whereas before my game would stutter and freeze for a split second while trying to look at a weapon and its stats, now it responses instantly.

And the Series X BL3 is an upgraded version from the Xbox One’s, so its fully optimizing the power of the console.


Initial load screen on Xbox One X was about 4 minutes. On Series X it’s like 30 seconds.

Start game and FT load screens used to be up to a minute or more. Now like 10 seconds in most areas.

Framerate and performance is very solid. I was playing in performance mode before, and you can definitely tell the frame rate is still better on Series X. Much smoother and less juttering and stuff.

I can’t speak for PS5 but I heard their games are not actually enhanced at all.

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Nice. How did you guys exactly got an Xbox Series X? You guys mashed the order button quickly?

That’s what I did and everyone beat me like half a second. On the initial prerelease, all websites froze or crashed due to load.

I kept trying on Best Buy and eventually got one. Came in on the 11th.

Just a warning Borderlands 3 is going to need to update. What I did is I have an external hard drive with all my games, I just plugged it into the Series X and transferred certain games I wanted enhancements/play a lot to be on the internal. THEN every game with enhancements needs to update.

I honestly think I could have skipped the first step and just downloaded the games in their enhanced form. BL3 is like +80gb of content and took a while for me to download the whole thing.

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Ok I might have to ask you guys again once I get my own X to ensure my installation is smooth.

I went to my local ebGames 4 hours before they opened and waited in line to preorder. I was the first one lol

All safety precautions were taken to avoid the beer virus, and Toronto wasnt on lockdown during that time so businesses were still semi-open.

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Just download the game and DLC from the store instead of doing a transfer.

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As far as I know here in US, you can only preorder it online.

Ok as long as that works, I would. But before that I need to get my hands on Xbox Series X.

I’m sour graping with people selling fresh Xbox Series X in Ebay for 3x the price!

How is the save file transition from PS4 to PS5? The wording seems a bit off in the FAQ, so it sounded like that you will only get one character transferred. Is that the case, or do you have to just transfer one at a time?

You only get the character you logged out with last on the PS4 version transferred and you’ll of course need to redo all the achievements.

What? So in my account right now, I have at least 20 VHs. Does it mean on PS4 to PS5, I can only transfer one VH and I have to do all the achievements? Mission and side missions will be saved?

Is this true for Xbox Series X?

Can confirm on ps5 load time is incredible . Framerate is great and haptic controller adds trigger weight pull feeling. All good stuff, love it.
On ps5 though… currently you can only move 1 character save from ps4 version.
Try to load more than one and it overrides the old one. Hopefully they can fix it since it’s tied to how ps5 uses one save file for all instead of per character.
My achievements did a partial transfer (maybe only one I did on the character?) I don’t personally care about achievements. But since many do its not good.

I mostly play one character so it’s fine for now. But if it’s not fixable… would sure suck to lose my other three characters.

Whatever character to be uploaded from ps4 from game menu last can be transferred to ps5. Upload another then download will erase previous one.
So only one vh currently.
All mission progress and gear is transferred, bank too.
But most of my achievements did not transfer.

The ps4 and ps5 save files on cloud are saved by console it seems. Upgrading games with old saves so far seems to require in game way to do it.
With No mans sky I also had to log on ps4 version, upload save then dl on ps5 version. In that case all my saves and achievements transferred.
So it’s a bl3 issue less than a ps5 it seems.

Not true for the Series X. All seven of my characters have safely made the transition to next gen.

And by safely made the transition, I mean I didn’t have to anything but install the game and there they all were.