Next Gen handsome jack bugs

Gun sounds going in and out.
Controller vibration not working.

(XBOXone) Having same issues on BL2 after a few shot rumble goes out…tried resetting same thing and cleared my cache. Going to play TPS now and see if I have the same issue. I also posted on reddit and it seems we are not alone. Quite frustrating :(.

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Ya I’m on PS4. Its not a game breaker or anything but takes you out of the immersion. We are just spoiled gamers now. Haha I remember playing with no rumble controllers.

Same thing here on the Xbone

I’ve got no vibration problems with TPS, just BL2.

I really hope GB gets on this quickly.

The frame rate dips BAD, but only in specific locations, like a particular location in the pirate dlc. Lazy lazy

Let me guess… Washburne Refinery? Happened in the previous generation too.