Next Gen Patch?

Was there any mention of a final next gen patch or fixes from last gen? If there was, could someone provide a link please?


There has been no word on any gameplay updates for the Handsome Collection.

Which is odd seeing how it’s due for release in ten days

I wish they’d give us some info on any of the patches coming up.

You think they would be promoting it with gameplay graphics and info to snag pre orders

Yea you would think so…

I don’t think Bl2 will get a patch.

TPS is getting the respawnable bosses patch, which will also be in preparation for the DLC.

I don’t think any patch will be needed to allow for cross saving. Since I think it’s done by USB.

I could be wrong though.

That kind of sucks. Considering the bugs in BL2. TPS I haven’t played yet. Which is the reason I am getting the Handsome Jack Collection. I have friends that haven’t played BL2 and we are starting from scratch. Then we are hopping go TPS.

I’m going to Level Gaige again and just remember some of DT annoying little bugs.

Speaking of patches, why there is nothing like “final patch” for BL2? I mean, get every hotfix into it and stop checking for downloadable content everytime :slight_smile:

yea i remember them saying along time ago they were looking into another patch for bl2. To fix things like the twister. But nothing ever came.

I also thought they said there will be one more patch, but nothing :confused:

yea thats what i thought