Next generation Borderlands 3

I read that BL3 will have 4 player split screen on next-gen consoles, does it apply only to the next gen version of borderlands 3 or does it also work for the current version playing on next gen?

I believe the 4-player option is only on PS5/XBSX(S):


Vertical split screen for 2-player was added in for PS4/XB1 with the Nov. update, but that’s it.

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I was referring to PS5 and series X, I have an Xbox One S and I’m wondering if I transfer my game to the series X/S will it have 4 player split screen or would I have to get the Series X/S version of borderlands 3?

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If you purchased the game digitally, you should automatically get the updated version of the game for XBSX when you add your account to it (hence my response above) - you don’t need to purchase a new version of the game.

If you bought a physical disk, you’ll still need that for licence purposes, but you should still get the new console-optimized version by default.


Oh ok, thanks.

Just make sure you back up your save in case anything wonky happens and it gets corrupted, bugged out, etc…

BL3 is finally running pretty smooth on my PS5. This is how it should of released.