Next level cheese.. ft Deande

Got to admit, people are taking backdooring to the next level…!! just when i thought Deande is underpowered someone actually managed to prove that she’s a genuine threat, not as a killing machine but as a potent backdoorer… Incursion Overgrowth - we were pushing towards the enemy’s first sentry when our first sentry starting blinking red… we ignored it for a while thinking it was a glitch since everyone was in sight except Deande, whom we thought was hiding and waiting to initiate… the blinking never ceased so i checked the passage near mid thrall and super minion spawn but no one was there… just when i was about to go back to lane, i saw Deande’s fans flying from the big shard area near the inner sentry… she cloaked and sneaked past us and hid in that big shard area and kept hitting out first sentry with her ranged attacks… after some cat and mouse game with her clone i finally killed her… by that time we managed to get their first sentry down…

And she didn’t stop backdooring and now with OM by her side, she started to put more pressure… we decided to push and end it and after a base race we managed to win with a 33-0 score… this backdooring thing is getting way out of hand, people are coming up with innovative ways to cheese with OM in the forefront… don’t know which character is gonna pop up with a new backdoor strat… perhaps the next battleborn Pendles…? i wonder if he has a burrowing ability… that would be fun… :stuck_out_tongue:

If she cloaked and snuck past you, isn’t that…uh…front dooring?


well she was near our inner sentry the whole time we were pushing their outer sentry… she either used the mid thrall passage to cloak and leap forward and get there or just cloaked and walked past our outer sentry…

Yeah she get up there from mid thrall using drop kick. That’s probably what she did.

Other characters could do this, its nothing new and doesn’t make a character overpowered. Deande is still UP IMO.

All I read was Deande is into pegging.


yeah, if they made it to where the first sentry’s shields are immune to anything but minion dmg, and buffed the minion dmg against sentries, it would fix the whole problem. seems pretty obvious to me. gbx is way smarter than i am, so my assumption is that perhaps this is something they intend to be part of the game. if that is the case, that is really unfortunate because that is probably my biggest complaint about the game mode.

This isnt very new; Any hero equipped with the proper mobility skill can easily get up on the ledge for a backdooring play. It actually incorporates the other possible lanes of the map this way. Its time for the meta of Battleborn to shift, especially as GBX makes changes this way

Caldarius is good at this once the double jump helix height is activated (a bit late in the game though). Picking off the thumper turret is a bit more useful than harassing the sentry with a shield.

Haha you think thats bad try when an Isic or kleese backdoor you. Hating to admit it but once when i was 4v5’d with my bro i told him to heavy defend while i just kept bding with isic , you can reflect the bullets back at the sentry or anyone who tries to stop u while blasting them with your ulti. Benedict can be pretty annoying as well since he will usually destroy all your buildables over and over which punishes you for building them and trying to defend while giving him huge exp boosts.

As someone who plays Deande frequently this just sounds sooo boring.


This sounds like reason #431 not to play on Incursion

Isic is pretty mainstream… but seeing a Deande do it is something new, atleast to me…

Knew there was a reason I liked her.

I find Deande to be a great character, at the very LEAST balanced. Once you play against a deande that has the uppercut mutation you will want her nerfed, 1v1 it’s a stunlock to death opener using no skills.

Its an okay CC but most characters can get out of it. Honestly, the uppercut is a lot better in PvE.