Next update: what we know so far

In the last 6 months, a lot came up about what could be included in the next update. Nothing is confirmed, but these are all ideas that have been suggested to discussion (with sources!!) Note : some are still just in the devs’ wishlist. Don’t get all your hopes up.

Trial Edition

Characters balancing

  • Alani, Attikus, Beatrix, Boldur, El Dragón, Ernest, Galilea, Kid Ultra, Mellka, Montana, Orendi
    Battleplan 47: 4/13/17


Quality of life



This list makes the next update sound very promising indeed, so hopefully they’ll include it all. :slight_smile: Even if they just added a handful of these things though, it would still be an improvement.

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Geez’ you are creating a lot of work for that one dev left working on Battleborn. Seriously though, I really like your enthusiasm however I expect you will be severely short changed when the next “major” update comes sans almost all of these. I am just being a realist here, and after seeing how Gearbox moves on from one project to the next it is clear to see through the lack of any promising news for Battleborn that such as transition is already happening. Battleborn has taken a backseat to Borderlands 3.


I came up with a huge conspiracy theory about the update and I don’t care if people call me crazy because of it. :wink:

We know for a fact that Gearbox is working on switching from Unreal 3 to 4 and basically it’s common knowledge that Borderlands 3 will be based on UE4. That’s a big thing right now, but what if BL3 won’t be the first UE4 game?

Let’s look at some hints:

  • “Several lights and a giant train”: Lighting and mostly dynamic lighting is one of the big features of UE4 and the giant train could be the hype around that engine.
  • If you look at the PAX panel. It started with the already shown showcase of Unreal 4 and then there was this scene: “This technology reminded me a little bit of a game I used to …”, followed by the Battleborn section of the panel with a summary of the Winter Update and the message “We aren’t scared of huge changes!”. Was that a hint hidden in plain sight?
  • Complete silence on the update on any channel. Sign that there is a big marketing push planned to re-release Battleborn as a playable showcase of the new technology and how many “won’t fix - engine limitations” bugs can be solved by it?

Sounds crazy? Yes it does, but it isn’t that unusual for companies to take a older game as prototype for engine switching. Skyrim’s special edition is nothing else than their prototype for the development of the Fallout 4 engine that was released later to get some money from console users.

The engine team needs something other than static objects to test, iron out bugs and spot realtime performance issues in a somewhat realistic environment. A cheap solution is to port an already complete game to the new setting, because you have voice overs to test the sound modules, you have models and animations available, you have a finished UI, …
They also can try to create their interfaces in such a way that the other teams don’t have to go back to the very basics but start in a somewhat familiar environment and have new toys to play with from the new engine.

So, what do we have at the moment: We have a new engine and a team that needs a prototype to test this thing extensively prior to the release of Borderlands 3 (which is the most important IP for Gearbox). We also have a game that needs substantial changes to it to be viable on the market. Is it really unrealistic that those two were combined?

How about Battleborn becoming the public Borderlands 3 engine tech demo? Battleborn gets its chance to differentiate itself from the competition, UE4 is the new exciting thing on the market, public tech demos are a thing that attract a wide range of people wanting to try them out and also probably create some press. In exchange Gearbox also will get feedback on performance and stability issues due to the new engine on a wide selection of hardware way before BL3 releases (and engine instability in BL3 could be a very bad thing).

It sounds crazy, but in the big picture it imho would make some sense.

But probably I’m just crazy, but I don’t mind at all - [insert humming of the great song of indifference here]. :wink:


I was not expecting much after the season pass. All that really matters are the bugfixes. I’m a little surprise they are allowed to do more than that. I’m curious what’s really waiting for us.


Here’s the explanation why it is so hard to port to unreal engine 4.


Not saying it’s going to happen and trust me, I know that it is a bunch of work to switch out core parts of a project. But it being hard work doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

This was mostly me just trying to have some fun by solving the case “who murdered communication” in our whodunnit here in an absurd way. I’m not disappointed when I don’t get an UE4 Battleborn, but I’d be very hyped if it happens and could see quite a few people joining our playerbase just to test all the possibilities.

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Yet it’s all so super vague

I think Jythri was just using poetic licence on this one. My guess is that he was referring either to new matchmaking code (maybe combined with the arrival of Supercharge) or some kind of trial / free to play functionality. Both are the biggest plausible new features I can imagine, given we already know new DLC and characters are too expensive without extra funds - and I seriously doubt the game makes much bank from its micro transactions right now.


Couple of other bugs known by the devs that may or may not be addressed in the next update:

Dreadwind not procing certain legendary gear effects

Kelvin not gaining any perma frost from chomp when using it immediately after sublimate.

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The poetic interpretation is the obvious one, but what if this was one of those “no one would even think about taking this literally!”-hints on upcoming changes! We are talking about pun-central Gearbox here, everything could have a meaning!

I’ll take off my conspiracy theory goggles for a bit again:

I’m sick and tired of reading almost nothing but “this game needs to go f2p”-claims all of the time. The Gearbox staff already told us they are working on something big and I just doubt that this “mystery” is something like “Hey, we have a free version now!”, because the most common reaction to this would be something in the line of “lol, you can’t even sell that game for less than 5 bucks anymore?”. This game has a stigma and everyone who already has tried to say something like “I like to play Battleborn” on reddit (on very salty days like last thursday even on the official sub) has seen this directly in the development of their comment karma.

I love that game and I don’t care about playercount (single player is fun), reading the same tiresome discussions over and over since middle of last year is no fun. That hunt for the holy grail of updates above is nothing but an attempt of mine to create at least some more diversity in discussion topics. It’s kind of related to the new update and I thought that maybe some other people share my interest in weird theories and seeing connections where there may be none.

Trust me, I knew before sharing this theory with reddit yesterday that it would turn into a voting rollercoaster and honestly would have expected to see even more Negative Nancies in it. I’m still having fun in the game and I trust Gearbox that something is coming in the near future, but the amount of negativity everywhere around is just nasty. I’m trying to light up the mood a bit, and if that means to draw some anger towards myself for not being overly serious, joking around, reminding people that it’s just a game and being a walking meme (I’ve been personally insulted many times while trying to light up the mood a bit) - so be it.


I feel you, and I don’t think you’ll get a negative response here on these forums. Most everyone is downbeat lately, but there is a confirmed large patch incoming, and I think people here take a pretty pragmatic view of the game overall. Things will pick up (to what extent, who knows.)

I’m a bit of an outlier in that I can’t really just enjoy the game such as it is - it’s been effectively defunct/barely playable in Australia for a while now, for a host of reasons. So it’'s inevitable I tend to be a post-mortem in my replies. Other posters will be more optimistic.


If they can’t fix character select, they might as well forget the whole thing!

I do :unicorn: plus appreciate your spirit, stance and way with words.

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I’m German, so I don’t have to deal with things like bad connection as bad as you do. I can understand that you are a little more grumpy than me.

EOS not being applied to everything…

We are Jon Snow.


As anything about Benedict’s dodgy reload been mentioned?

Also Joe said they’re looking at Bolas, didn’t say if it was for this patch, but we shall see!

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Don’t lose your hopes yet, I’m sure they want this game to become big. Gearbox needs a game for the eSports (expect some try hards in pubs) community after all. I for one believe if they re-market this game, fix it (make it GUD=better with the balance changes), then I believe we will experience a growth within the battleborn community.


We need Cross-Platform to save the PC players !