Next update when?

So we haven’t gotten a weekly hotfix in a while nor have we heard anything about any upcoming content. I get it was Thanksgiving and now almost Xmas, but I mean Gearbox should still be communicating with us at least right? I’m hoping for at least 1 content drop before Xmas.


What am I to do over Christmas Vacation?

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It would be nice if they communicated more but at this point I don’t expect anything. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll see some more bug fixes and item buffs before the year is over.

Or maybe they’re going to surprise us with a little in-game loot event sometime this month. I doubt it, but it’s a nice thought.


GBX lack of communication isn’t really surprising now days. Would I like to see fixes to game issues sure, who wouldn’t, but some of us have been waiting for that since the games release.


Yea throw us a bone here. A simple Xmas boss loot event would be just fine honestly.


Communication has never been their strong suit. I imagine they’re pretty much done with bl3. I seriously doubt we’ll hear anything out of them until February if they decide to turn the Valentine’s day event back on.


I really doubt there done with the game entirely. Might i remind you that season pass 2 is still in play so i would expect something from them soon. Maybe not right now but soon enough. And besides alot of faithful fans of the game would be very upset if GB just dropped the game right now out of the blue.
I do agree tho that more communication from them would be great but they won’t do for some reason. Hopefully they will tell us soon about something that they have planned. They need to and hopefully it will be soon and i bet good.

Not entirely, no. But it does feel like they’re ready to move on.

Dlc 6 won’t be until spring. Next thing in line would be the Valentine’s event. If we’re lucky we might see a January patch, but at the rate they’re going I kinda doubt it.


Yeah your right. I hate to admit it but your right on that.

DLC 6 till spring of next year is going to suck if thats true. What is going to happen before then? I hate to see a big content drought happen to the game. If that happens then people might bail on it and it will be GB fault it that happens.
The balls in there corner i hope they don’t wait to long to score another goal. The fans will grow impatient.

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I might be way off in this assumption but I am going to bet that the Arms Race DLC was met with a resounding thud for the most part and it might gave GBX a gut check with their actual customer base instead of the streamers they were catering too. I know it is wishful thinking but I would like to hope, albeit unlikely, that they are going back to what the core game is and working on that and fixing issues that have been present in this game since it released over a year ago.


Still no updates? I think last time I played was Nov 19th (the last hotfix).

I’m expecting the next hotfix/patch will be big but at the back of my mind it might happen next January. I feel a lot of developers are in vacation mode now, specially next week. So there won’t be enough people to work on anything.

I bet it’s just gonna be a farming event this Thursday but nothing major.

i will say
it rly looks like they will move on from the game

we know that the MAIN team has moved on when the game released and the smaller teams stayed behind for dlcs
so it makes sense that they might have already started pre-production of the next title
speak ideas, and other things such as simple planning

so i think in around 6-12 months they will go in full production and we will see the next game EITHER

in engine like bl2 ----> pre sequel so its the same game with a few new features and changes
and thats in 2 years max

we see the next game in 3-4 years max and its a completely new game with everything new and is a jump from bl2 --> bl3

i mean why bother fixing a game that is broken in its core design, spend tons of cash on it while it already sold a solid amount

you might aswell go to the next game, take what needs fixing and start from scratch cashing in even more cash

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That’s what I’m afraid off… After Diablo 3 turned out to be a big turd at launch after I pre-ordered it based of videos of the original gameplay (which was then butchered) I told myself to never pre-order again… The BL3 was announced and I waited for a month or so and streamers praised it to heaven and back (which now we all know they get the game for free and make a lot of money praising it even though it’s trash)

So now I’m at a point where I’ll never pre-order any games again and probably never buy any game from GBX ever again (or at least wait 2 years to see if they fix their ■■■■)

But now we’re entering the age of micro transaction… So I don’t see me playing games for much longer if these trends keep up…


to be honest at release the game was better then MOST of its entire lifetime
minus stability
minus lootpools

but in total on release the game was better, and they after 4 months or so ■■■■■■ it up to the point where they needed to go back
and 6 months or so in when mayhem2.0 dropped the game committed suicide, i mean…
at that exact point
all of my friends who stuck around de-installed this thing right there

one stuck around for like 1 month more

the thing is
for every good thing 2-3 bad things happen to this game

i 100% understand what you mean
i got diablo 3 and got burned
i got alien colonal marines and got a bolter to my head
i saw borderlands 3 and it looked rly decent

in the future i myself can only say, wait at least 4-6 months until the game has pendled in
either they pull a mayhem 2.0 or not
if they dont its safe, if they do, wait 1 more year at least for a complete editionand till that is cheaper then 100 euros


Might I suggest that you look at ps now and whichever consoles you play well worth the investment hundreds of games and it only cost me 60 bucks .

Yeah the game was better at launch then it’s now haha but still, when I reached lvl 50 with Zane it was allready to late to ask for a refund :rofl:

I kept thinking, give it time… It Will get better later on… But it didn’t hahaha I actually lost the will to level the other characters (still don’t feel like doing it)

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I wouldn’t say they completely moved on if they’ve dedicated to another season of DLC content.

I get it’s Xmas time, but I just want Gearbox to give us some kind of critical path we can expect. I paid for the season 2 content and I haven’t seen, heard, or read anything about content outside of Arms Race. We know there is more I just want some communication here.

I also hope we can see updates/hotfixes still. Some stuff does need to be fixed still, and it would be nice to continue to get little balance updates.

Also events. Like why is there no Xmas event? The team could have put something together. Reskin Halloween with Traunt as a Snowman, IDGAF, just let me get some more of that event loot (in other words TOSS IN THAT OPQ BRUH!)).

Something. It’s been like a month of complete silence.

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you fail to see the thing
dlc 4 clearly is missing stuff
and dlc 5 looks almost like its what was missing in dlc 4

at least on workload that is true, if it was cut content we can argue
but they dont need to invest alot for a mode

i expect them to repeat year 1 content with SLIGHT changes to content and rewards
i do not think we see anything big with dlc 6
and i even less think we see dlc 7


Surely we can expect the team to have some time off around the holidays, no?

It’s been kind of a rough year for all of us I assume. Let them have this.



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