Next week's mini event and modifiers

Next week’s mini event is “Mayhem made mild” and I very much suspect this will once again mess up everyone’s mayhem modifiers. Again. Seeing how many people are already fed up (and rightfully so) with having to re-roll them in the current system, is this really such a good idea for an “event”?

So I would like to suggest to ditch “Mayhem made mild” altogether, or delay it to a later date when rollling modifiers has been sorted out, and give us another week of “Bonus Boss Loot” instead.


Agreed. At this point I am wondering if not playing that week would keep my modifiers. I’m really not enjoying these rerolls.


I agree also. I still dont see chain gang after last weeks event since i usually run it so i expect a total cluster. Modifiers system needs a total overhaul.


I ask them about modifiers and told them that people are tired of rolling modifiers over and over I also brought up that there many that don’t want to play with modifiers and how some people are just giving up and leaving the game . They told me " the team is aware of complaints " to paraphrase. So …?

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They have been aware of this since day 1 of Mayhem 2.0. and they don’t care.

I didn’t think of the rerolling that will be required. Suck. Oh well, I’ll probably skip that week anyway. What’s the point really? I can do most all of the content as it with the modifiers I have. I suppose it will help those who are struggling to get up to higher levels, in terms of gearing up and content.

But really, it would be nice if they just introduced the ability to select and save the modifiers we want, at the start of the event.

And I really wish they would bring back Loot the Galaxy. Specifically just Pandora. The rest of the areas were garbage, but Pandora was really fun and varied.


Is there a description? I must have missed it. :thinking:

This event is kinda tone death if I’m being honest.

I really don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t usually play much anymore so I wouldn’t mind taking a week off without logging in.

Also I have a feeling DLC4 will drop on the week after that mini event so that’s nice.

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Yeah there was one, lemme have a look…
Found it.

reads “All Easy modifiers in Mayhem Mode”

What is the point anyways, after the drop rates went back to abysmal, most people stopped.

There it is, thanks. I don’t think I internalized what that actually meant when I read it… like we get to pick four easy modifiers at once with the enemy difficulty of MM10? Interesting change of pace for a week to sample that difficulty unfiltered.

I’m in the middle of a break from BL3 for the Steam release of Horizon Zero Dawn, but I might throw a couple missions to see what this is like.

You do not.
I checked after the first go around, when Chain Gang was removed. Despite not even having Chain Gang, my modifiers were changed anyway. Decided at that point unless something major is improved, or must have content released, I am done until DLC4.

The next event will FORCE two re-rolls on everybody again, once at the start and then again at the end.
If you don’t play that week, when you do come back, you will still need to re-roll at least once.
Horrible planning by GBX, but at this point I would not expect anything else.


I think I’ll just do other things. I’m losing interest in playing this game.


I’d rather see loot the universe, instead of another boss week, but otherwise totally agree.


I suspect that next week is the monthly Patch, and I hope to see a way to select individual modifiers or disable them.
If not, the whole community is going to riot or leave the game after the event ends.


That would be great! I was kinda expecting the next proper patch for the end of the mini-events which will probably also see the release of DLC4, but I hope you are right.

If not though, and modifier selection stays as is, then yeah, Loot the Universe, Boss Loot, whatever, anything really as long as we won’t have to reroll modifiers. :thinking: at this point even skipping the scheduled thing entirely would be the more appealing “event” - could call it the “The one week where we won’t mess up your modifiers Event” :wink:

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This event may be an ideal opportunity to start a new character…


Next event is not for the VHS who run through M10 with ease. Just level a new vh in thvm or run a few dlcs.

Anyone else don’t enjoy Hamdsome Jackpot at all? I mean I played each dlc twice now but the Jackpot DLC is meh.

I did spend 10 mins re-rolling my mayhem 10 modifiers, didn’t get the best roll but I was tired of rolling and went with it even tho some enemies became immune to my elemental damage, my build was decent enough to switch on the fly even if I wasn’t getting the max of my build

After thinking about it, I realized it won’t really matter. After these events are done we’ll get another cap increase and have to farm all over again. I don’t mind farming, but it sucks when you get most of the stuff you want (for me, from boss loot/loot the universe type events) for it to become obsolete in a few weeks. The gear is still useful to get the new gear, but you know what I mean.


It just seems their thought process is a bit backwards.
IMHO, loot events would be more exciting and more people would want to play them if the event happened AFTER a level cap increase.
I am baffled to how they have been handling this. I have given up expecting any common sense or logic from this company…