NFL Week 9 - This week our Bye Weeks have Bye Weeks

Browns v Bengals

Fins v Bills
Packerso v Panthers
Jags vs Jets
Rams v Vikings
R-words v Pats
Titans v Saints
Raiders v Steelers
Giants vs Bucs
Falcons v 49ers
Broncos v Colts
Eagles vs Cowyboys

Bears vs Chargers

Got bored, decided to jazz up our list this week. And then decided against it. Meh.

Fins v Bills Bills
Packers v Panthers Packers
Jags vs Jets Jets
Rams v Vikings Rams
R-words v Pats Pats
Titans v Saints Saints
Raiders v Steelers Raiders
Giants vs Bucs Giants
Falcons v 49ers Falcons
Broncos v Colts Broncos
Eagles vs Cowyboys Eagles

Bears vs Chargers Chargers

Impressive that I posted this and then forgot the thursday game. Anyway, heres my picks.

Sooo I guess this isn’t happening anymore.