Nick's Trading Post

Welcome to Nick’s Trading Post; my playstation ID is xNick98x. All items are OP8 unless otherwise listed.

What I have:
Expansive Shredifier (Normal)
Stabbing Ogre
Neutralizing Hornet
Floated Hornet
Straight Shootin’ Maggie
Two Fer Maggie
Purging Infinity ( Corroisve, Normal )
Expeditious Thunderball Fists
Apt Hellfire OP7
Punitory Norfleey ( slag, shock )
Cohesion Invader ( slag )
Dobby Lyuda ( fire )
Dynamic Logan’s gun OP7 and Lvl 50
Legendary Berseker / Hoarder / Gunzerger COM
Legendary Mechromancer COM
Homing Pandemic
Sham (94%)
Lobbed Bonus Package
Sticky Longbow Bouncing Bunny ( normal,slag )
Breach Veruc
Legendary Binder COM 29%
Longbow Storm Front
The Impaler

Hefty Avenger ( normal )
Breach Bearcat OP7
Unending Stalker
Potential Butcher

Blue red text items:
Skookum Cobra
The Rough Rider

What I want the most:
Alkaline Bee
Bitch smg ( all versions )
Baby Maker ( all except slag )
Open to other offers

Thanks for visiting Nick’s Trading Post

Have the Vengeful Infinity Pistol?

Nice one Nick! :smile:

I am interested in that shock norfleet.

I have noticed you don’t have a butcher or conference call. How about I offer both for the norfleet.
Add both my PSN account (one account is very laggy but has my gear on and the other I am working on getting my gear to that account). Anyway the are called: xkaos-syco (the laggy one) and Centuari (my new one)

I’m sorry, I haven’t updated my list but I got both of those weapons yesterday. Any other guns you would like to offer?

Have you got any interfaces? I have a critical shock variation and a critical corrosive variation.
I also have fire /shock/corrosive variation of flying sand hawks.
Another weapon I can offer that is not on that list is a Submissive Volcano, sniper rifle.
I can also offer chain lightnings and Magic missiles.
Finally I have an inflammable the bee how no alkaline the bee but nevertheless it might interest you.
Let me know if you are interested in any weapons I have listed.

How many of the sand hawks could I get for the Norfleet?

How many do you want? I could give you all 3 variations. I don’t plan on using them that much anymore.

That would work with me. I can do the trade as soon as you’re ready.

Add me up. My PS4 is a bit laggy so add me up.

PSN: Centuari

Do u still have that infinite pistol I would like to have it my psn is DoodleBug523 on ps4

What do you have to trade?

It depends on what u want

What do you have ?

That infinite pistol

What are you wanting to give for my pistol

I will give you 20,000 $

That is a terrible trade, money means nothing in this game.

Do you still have the sham if so what lvl

The sham is OP8