Night hawkin change?

I was looking at my night hawkin today during day and night cycles and for some reason it was now a x2 multiplier instead of x3. I checked all my other versions and they all changed to x2 as well. Was this change in a patch note or am I glitched?

That’s part of the guns special feature.

@XHRYS its either no multiplier cryo or x3 at night with fire, mine is now cryo during day with no multiplier and at night x2 instead of x3 now

Yeah. That gun is inspired by the Stranger Things show, so it’s meant to do “strange” things.

@XHRYS thats too strange im switching to crossroads

I have five of each and like Crossroads better.

lmao this is me, exactly, with nighthawkin… Imma switching to crossroads!

because one moment I thought I sold the ‘good’ nighthawkin I had and kept the ‘worse’ I just farmed. I panicked, loaded up an old backup save, before I realized.

well since switching to the crossroads, I find melting things is so much easier. Since lyuda getting nerfed this week or next according to their podcast, i think i found my new way to kill graveward in under 10 secs

Best smg. Deletes enemies fast. Anointed with 50% shock dmg for two mags after skill end. Fire, Ice and lightning rolled into it.

I have anointed corrosive crossroad for armor targets 50% additional corrosive after skill end.

I keep getting anointed crossroads for the wrong class, majority of them are for moze and autobear

Send a few my way…lol. I have yet to find an anointed for Moze.


What Platform are you on?

@bigrfish PC, got anything to trade?

Ya… But I’m on console.

damn lmao