Night Hawkin mechanics

So, it’s been more than half a year since BL3 came out, has anyone managed to figure this gun out or is it just RNG crossbred with a pack of bugs?

It is said that the time of ingame day changes the element (or the pellet count with Arctic variant).

It’s also been several DAYS (real days) since my Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin was last at 3x pellet count. I usually farm Graveward for an hour or two at a time (trying to get a good weapon or shield from him, so far had no luck with annointments), which SHOULD be enough for day/night to switch a couple of times (as it shows on login screen… Eden-6 has so gassy sky you can’t tell time), almost every time I savequit I check Night Hawkin but it always stays at it’s worst.
I already gave up on the gun (since at 1 pellet count it deals next to no damage in M4) and switched to Maggie as go-to bossing weapon (since I have nothing better atm). sigh Finding a weapon that would work in M4 without Driver class mod is a serious pain. I hope Amara gets some new class mod in DLC2 that would give her good damage boost without the need to run at speedhack speeds constantly…

PS: might be just that Eden-6 has a VERY WEIRD day/night cycle. Anyone tested that? It’s ALWAYS cloudy there but you can see the star through the clouds sometimes. Not that it has any effect on my Night Hawkin…

Here’s the most complete documentation of the Night Hawkin I’ve seen.

Sounds a lot like the Phasezerker…


hmm haven’t found that post before, thanks for link

Right now, it’s night on Eden 6 (I can see some kind of aurora in the sky), the Night Hawkin still shows 1x pellet count, but actually shoots 3. I’m honestly contemplating if trying out Night Hawking each time is worth it, with Maggie only doing a bit less dps on Graveward than 3 pellet Night Hawkin. Is it worth the headache to use the gun?

PS: gonna try Phasezerker, got a good couple in bank (hopefully one will have CD rate and jakobs or dahl crit damage). Though I guess both Driver and Phasezerker still need to use the masochist relic (elemental projector I think it was called)? No legendary one dropped for me yet but I have a few purple ones… I’m farming with Loaded Dice but I’m not entirely convinced how effective that is at improving odds of usable loot.

Elemental Projector certainly speeds up farming, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must. With a decent spread across where you’re getting damage you should be fine. An Amara spec using Laid Bare, Personal Space, Tempest and the Phasezerker has a good platform of damage to work off.

The testing done has shown the effect to be absolutely minimal. I’d advise you pick an artifact that allows you to kill faster instead.


I really believe it’s ALL RNG. There are times my NH shoots fire in the day and cryo at night. One thing is for sure. It melts everything. Could be your build is maybe working against its overall performance. My nephew uses one with Amara and loves it.

For farming GW, do yourself a favor and get a Krakatoa. It will melt him fast. I use a PhaseCast ASE 250% dmg one and kill him within the first 2 mags every time.

Amara is my main and I use Phasezerker. I’ve never used Spritual Driver/Elemental Projector and I didn’t even have a Spritual Driver until last weekend when I farmed for it and got 3 that aren’t very good.

Krakatoa dropped for me only twice so far after the buff (before I was selling it as trash), one unannointed one and one with terrible annoint

Tho as long as I can burn him before he pukes out adds it’s okay for me. Those badass Grogs have massive HP pools and their crit zone is only those testicles on top of their heads (or are those supposed to be eyes?), and with the way they hop around it’s almost impossible to hit them.
Since I don’t have a good class mod or even a relic, I can only rely on good weapons.

The Rampager in The Forgotten Basilica drops me a Krakatoa on almost every kill …

What time was it on eden 6? You can always check the current time in photo mode.

I haven’t updated the post, but I have noticed a couple other places where it tends to drop in x2 on Pandora (aggy, slaughter shaft).

It’s definitely top tier at night. The only places I don’t use it at all are the zones always flagged day, like the misnamed Midnight’s Cairn.

I’ve noted that three variants exist at the time you pick them up. It can be x2, x3 or single projectile. The ones with x2 & x3 will decrease their pellet count daily. It took two days for my x3 to become a single shot.

I have been picking up NightHawkins over time, and find it in my normal arsenal a fair amount of the time… it is a great weapon. I finally found an anointed Siren version keyed to my build, but I really cannot tell any difference between the two in combat beyond the 3x version emptying its clip quicker. Both seem to provide the same damage with or without phasecast, and regardless of the ratings number. I will take a look at that other link.

Other insights?

Used to be one of my favorite weapons early on…haven’t really used it since M4 came out. It just doesn’t do that kind of damage anymore. Much better options SMG wise than the NightHawkin. Cutsman, Hyperfocus, Crossroads, EMP-5, Redistributor, Westergun

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