Night hawkin Smg

sometimes the gun gets x3 projectile dmg , i read it changes day/night but i’m in europe so is the x3 modifier based on PST ( Pacific Standard Time , Time Zone Abbreviation ) or is it something else ?

In game time. Go to Nekratafeyo and mess around with it. Nekratafeyo has the fastest game clock, and you should easily get a chance to see it change.

Pandora has the slowest. By…by a long shot.


It’s cryo by day, incendiary by night.

I “think” there are two different versions:

One that is Fire/day & Cryo/night.

One that is pure Cryo but gets x3 at night.

That’s what I’ve noticed but I am just an older version of the human.


My friend and I are gonna take a few to Nekratafeyo and see what we can find out.

i want the x3 projectiles in the slaughter shaft so do i go to necrotafeyo to make it change faster or do i have to wait in Pandora ? are all night hawkin changing their x3 projectiles at the same time , do i look for another one so i can always have one with x3 projectiles ?