Night hawkin stat bug

Im having a problem all my damage output is changing it started as 458x3 then closed reopened it was then at 458 with no multiplier. I did the same thing closed reopen now im at 458x2 this isnt cause of day and night cycle this is a bug and it needs to be fixed we all grind to hard to get the best version. This is also a problem going in within the pc version. Im having this problem on ps4 but so far having only seen a thread/comments on it on pc forms.

It’s not a bug as far as i’m aware, it’s just how the gun was designed.

Doing some further tests with the bug i found that only its damage output changes with that being said. It only changes when you have the weapon in a gun slot but if its just in backpack its stats stay the same when you close and reopen, this includes just going to the main menu as well hard closing the game.

Why is it the only the gun in the game where the guns stats change everytime i open and close the game then it makes the grind for the weapon pointless plus no where on any site does it talk about stat change everytime you play they mention the element change from cryo to fire during and night which i love but to work hard for a 458x3 damage output and to reopen and have a stat of 412 with no multiplier that’s not right nor fair. Plus makes it very hard to use for runs and builds.

To once again add to this post ive gone through a full day and night cycle cause ive seen people talking about it only shoots an extra projectile during night but i still have the x2 projectile during the day. All my weapons stay the same when i open and close the game but the night hawk and then the only stat thay changes is the damage output and projectile number but only when i restart.