Night Hawkins or sleeping giant

No pun intended, yall are sleeping on the sleeping giant. Granted, its damage is purely rng based, If you can get the good rng, I’ve nearly oneshot graveyard with it. But my question is, is it better than the light hawkin? I play zane, and with the sleeping giant my barrier and clone never go down, and with the extra dmg increase, the sleepin giant utterly deletes people. Has anyone used both guns and can tell me their opinion?


Night Hawkin all the way, my favourite SMG, and no RNG required.

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I fired off a few clips from the sleeping giant and thought, meh. I think I’ll battle test it properly if you’re saying it outperforms the Hawkin! :smiley:

Its extremely rng dependent. It’s like the glitched guns from TPS. If you get the right rng, which usually happens in about 1 and every 10 reloads its enough to almost one shot graveyard. That is if you’re hitting crits

I think i’m the only person who hates the Hawkin so my vote goes to sleeping giant

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as a moze who turns the night hawkin into a cryo/fire machine gun…i like the hawkin

I’m not saying I dislike the Sleeping Giant as it’s a nice gun overall, but it’s legendary effect is kinda gimmick-ey and I don’t particularly like having to reload constantly. I also have two good anointed Night Hawkins, whereas my Sleeping Giant isn’t, so it’s difficult to those up in that sense. I would be willing to give it another go if I can get a decent anointed roll however.

Yeah with this on my Moze I think an argument could be made for it being one of the best guns in the game.

It can outperform the Hawkin, but it’s entirely RNG whether you get the proc on reload. When it works, it’s amazing, and when it doesn’t, you want to chuck it off a cliff.

The Hawkin is generally more consistent, or, at least, predictable.

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I dont see how its gimmick-ey. Most people didnt think the glitched guns in TPS were gimmick-ey. This works off of basically the same concept. Although the one downside I’ll agree on is that the sleeping giant burns through ammo. But honestly, if you’re boss farming, that shouldn’t matter anyway bc you can just buy some more or burn the boss before you run out

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I detest it. I mean it’s strong… sometimes…

Night Hawkin. It is quite possibly the best SMG in the game now after the nerfs.

I wouldn’t know how they compare as I’ve never played TPS. This was just my opinion based off using the Sleeping Giant alone. I just thought that having to rely on RNG seemed like a little bit of a gimmick to me. With the Night Hawkin for example, (might as well since we’re comparing the two), you know when it’s going to be cryo, and when it’s going to be incendiary. But with the Sleeping Giant, you can’t take full advantage of its perk since you don’t know when you’re going to get lucky with the RNG. That was just my personal outlook on it hence why I said it.

sleeping giant is insane! in terms of straight shooting smgs it is literally nuts!

It’s still very nice…
I was very sad when my X3 Night Hawkins one got the nerf…
What was messed up was the consume 2 ammo per shot somehow never went away…
I eventually found a better one…

I know the night Hawkin is good. But I think the sleeping giant rivals its damage regardless. Even if it is rng, i think it’s more fun when you hit that fat roll and one shot a boss. Besides, even without the rng it’s still a really good smg that’s not to be messed with

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I said that I liked using the gun itself, I just find the legendary effect to be too unreliable for my taste, but I can imagine that it’s quite satisfying when the RNG does happen to be in your favour. Like you say, you use the weapons the that you find the most fun.

Night Hawking is a bloody good SMG. I am using it with Zane at the moment.

I tested the giant in the S.shaft last night and took down a few annointed quite quickly. I couldn’t see it one clipping a boss though. Acid sleeping giant btw.

does it come in elemental forms folks? have only seen a handful of kinetic damage versions so far.