Nightflyer gun trouble

I have been trying to farm for this gun with a loaded dice on rakkman but he is dropping the night hawking insted
I’m I just being Unlucky with the drops or is he not dropping at all?

You are unlucky.

Can playing on higher mayem help?

If you want just a gun: no
If you want gun with anointment: maybe

Knowing that the gun already has “while airborne” effects can those types of anointments manifest?
(I’m looking for the anointment "while airborne +handling and acurracy cause my aim suck while junping, I had a flood with this and I would rekt the take down since that has dropped off level I set out to farm the nightflyer to replicate that effect)

I made this goof for AGES. Loaded Dice has never helped me or anyone else I’ve seen with dedicated drops. Its good for chests, loot tinks, anointed enemies. But does a whole bunch of diddley for dedicated and as far as I could ever tell even overall boss drops.
Slows down the farm.