Nighthawkin x2 Projectiles? Inconsistencies?

No clue what or why the night hawkin has these differences. Even the night hawkin that I just picked up (the burst fire one) is different from the one I had

The wiki is clearly wrong on how it works but I have no clue what is making it act strangely, do you guys?

x2 Night Hawkin compared to x1 Night Hawkin

You can get it with up to x4 projectiles I believe, which is the best variant because it deals massive damage. I have an x3 currently, haven’t been able to find the mythical x4 variant yet.

The projectile multiplier changes as you play the game and upon entering the game, I’ve noticed it changing as I completed mission objectives and completed missions

But I’m asking what determines that multiplier and how can two night hawkins in the same zone in the same inventory have different multipliers?

I haven’t noticed that personally. I know that the Night Hawkin behaves differently depending on rather it is night or day in game, but I thought that only affected the element that it fires (fire at day, ice at night), I don’t think it is supposed to affect the projectile count.

I don’t know if the day/night cycle is affecting anything. Every night hawkin I’ve had randomly shoots fire and cryo (applying both dots to enemies) with the projectile multipler changing randomly and two guns not even having the same projectile count.

I think it always does both, but does more fire at day and more ice at night, but I’m not 100% sure on that.

I just found this:

  • If the gun spawns with an elemental prefix such as Arctic (cryo), it will instead switch between firing 1 and 3 bullets per shot based on the time of day.
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Makes sense, but my other concern was what was causing two night hawkins in the same game to have different multipliers?

The Night Hawkin x3 (using the burst fire option) is a sweet weapon, but after I got a x4 Crossroad I haven’t used my Night Hawkin since. I suppose the x4 Night Hawkin would be just as great.

Looks like there are several variants, I have a couple x2 Night Hawkins and also a couple of x3, which are more powerful all else being equal. Also, burst fire (which you can spam the fire button) is much better on these than auto fire.

Yeah, the crossroad is good as well. I’d say that crossroad, night Hawkin and cutsman are the 3 best SMG’s in the game. Destructor spinner is also pretty good, especially on elemental Amara, since she can use it to proc 2 different elemental DoT’s, which she can increase the damage and duration of.

I would argue that the crossroad is the best gun in the game period

Well expect gun balances in the future for sure.

I use it more than any other weapon, it may just be that.