Nimble Tediore Amara Build (5m+ damage per reload) M4 update

Hello all,

The build is centred around Amara’s ability to boost Tediore reload damage through her +weapon damage +reload speed +elemental +splash damage talents. Together with the +125 splash damage anointment, fakegrasping and a Driver Com, Amara can reach an absolutely INSANE dps levels and speed with 100% anointment and mindfulness uptime. Hitting a crit spot on a reload with Amara with the correct element after fakegrasping, throwing the it’s piss and with max mindfulness stacks can deal 2-3m damage on the initial explosion not considering the 5 Mirv projectiles.

Furthermore, by using a transformer shield, cutpurse deathless artifact together with the new Driver class mod, you can sprint around the battlefield at up to +150% movement speed, instantly heal your 37K+ effective shield (25k shield +28 dmg reduction +30 dmg reflect) with 1 reload and regen all your ammo in 1 facepuncher shot.

At the highest gear levels, Amara is capable of straightup out-dpsing Tediore Moze. For example, my Tediore Bloodletter (+3 Desperate Measures) Moze with bis gear and 120% splash damage anointment and 27mag was able to hit 206k non-crit vs a vehicle in sanctuary (shock dmg vs armoured). On the other hand, my similarly geared Amara was able to hit 490k non-crit after fakegrasping while sprinting and jumping at 15 mindfulness stacks (25 is the max), all this while consuming 5 less bullets per reload. Lastly, Amara’s talents can give her up to +50% reload speed, further increasing the rate at which you can chuck reloads and making Moze wish Gearbox would reconsidered her no-reloading gimmick.

With this setup, Mayhem 4 circles of slaughter and the Maliwan Takedown become a total walk in the park.

Mystical Assault:

1/5 Do Harm, 5/5 Violent Tapestry, 3/3 Fast Hands

3/3 Fast hands increases the speed at which you can throw reloads, might as well be a 19% fire rate increase. The weapon swap speed is great for when you switch to your facepuncher to regen ammo.

Do harm and Violent tapestry allow us to build rush stacks which boosts our reload speed through alacrity. While 1 point in each would be enough, violent tapestry is our best filler in order to reach Wrath since it gives increased chance of applying Dots which do massive dmg with tediore reloads. We can stack Violent Tapestry by spamming the fakegrasp since we will be applying a Dot to ourselves every time. Restless is also not needed since missing phasegrasp on purpose reduces the cd to 1-2 seconds.

5/5 alacrity 1/3 transcend

As stated before, alacrity offers a massive reload speed bonus. Transcend helps our facepuncher accuracy and crit dmg with the cutsman but is mostly a filler just to reach wrath.

3/3 Wrath

Wrath offers a 40% damage increase each time you fakegrasp. Laid bare isn’t useful to us since we will try to never phasegrasp an enemy or we will have a longer cd.

Fist of Elements

5/5 Anima

Tediore reloads can proc some nasty DoTs of 10k+ per tick so this helps with dps. This also increases the length of the driver’s Dot so you can keep moving fast for longer and do more dmg.

5/5 tempest

A massive multiplicative bonus to elemental damage. By far our best talent for reloads, especially since we’ll be using shock reloads most the time.

5/5 Wildfire

Helps spread the massive tediore DoTs and increases our rush stacks.

1/1 Deep Well

A 20% increase to magazine size which makes our reloads do more dmg.


2/5 Root to Rise

Absolutely no use for this since it won’t matter with the deathless, just a filler.

3/3 personal space

Helps a lot when you use the cutsman for out of range boss type enemies. Will help your shotguns shots by a lot but that’s not where most of the damage is coming from.

5/5 Arms Deal

20% increased splash damage which greatly boosts our reload damage, as well as a nice 40% resistance to splash damage. (Great vs rocket launcher zealots)

1/5 Helping Hands

Together with our com this will offer 28% damage reduction after action skill use for 15 seconds which means it’s up all the time if you fakegrasp.

3/3 Mindfulness

Massively increases your shield regen delay and movement speed when taking damage. At full stacks plus the Driver com you’ll have up to +150% movement speed will receive a 4 times damage boost.

Tediore Reloads are directly boosted by grenade damage/ aoe damage/ splash damage/ magazine size/ gun damage / elemental damage. The damage you will do is based on the remaining bullets in the magazine. Reload speed, Actionskill Cd, Movement speed, grenade aoe radius can also be seen as indirect boosts to your dmg output.

The Gear:


The Everblast offers by far the highest damage per reload. The initial explosion usually 1 shots anything while at 150% movement speed with all our anointments up and spawns 5 Mirv projectiles that will home on enemies and explode for massive dmg. Even though shock will be our main element (we will use it to regenerate our transformer shield and we get a +20% shock damage boost from Tempest) I carry 1 for each element for bosses or immune enemies.


Our best option vs boss type enemies when they move out of range of tediore chucks. It does insane dmg with the driver + anointments and our talents suit it well overall since we have a lot of gun / elemental damage / reload speed mag size and personal space. Helps a ton in the Wotan fight.


Shotgun ammo can be fully regenerated with 1 Face-puncher shot using a cutpurse relic, since every pellet counts as a melee attack. This will allow you to chuck Tediore reloads endlessly. An 8 mag redundant version is optimal so you get the most ammo back per shot and don’t waste time reloading.


The transformer shield allows us to insta-heal by throwing a shock reload to our feet since it converts shock damage to shield. Also has a 40% chance to absorb ammo as bullets which together with the 30% dmg reflect anointments makes you extremely tanky. Unfortunately, this absorb can also stop you from reloading since it can refill your mag before you reload, make sure spam fire and reload quickly while taking heavy fire to avoid this.

It’s piss

The It’s Piss provides additional utility since it will allow you to remove Dots and increase the damage that enemies receive by 20% for 6 seconds. Great against bosses. Tediore reloads benefit from both the weapon damage and grenade damage from the anointment so it offers a massive damage boost. Careful not to remove Dots when you are trying to gain Mindfulness stacks or you will lose dps.


A seriously op com, not only does it offer massive survivability with the movement speed increase and helping hands, the damage bonus can reach up to x4 at maximum mindfulness stacks+ sprinting and jumping. Fakegrasping allows us to spam your actionskill every 1-2 seconds so you have a constant 15 mindfulness stacks uptime from dots alone which translates to roughly 75% movement speed, 2 times the damage and keeps our anointments up constantly.

Cutpurse Deathless

As stated before, the Cutpurse + facepuncher combo will allow you to regain all your ammo and spam reloads endlessly. Deathless also boosts our transformer to 25k and allows us to fully regenerate it in 1 shock reload. I can picture using an elemental projector victory rush artifact if you want the absolute most damage and movement speed, but you will lack viable healing options or ability to regen ammo.

That’s all! Hope you enjoyed the build. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions. Please credit and add a link to the guide if you use this anywhere else. Thanks!


Nice, I was actually planning on putting together almost this exact build. I figured a Tediore Amara could out-dps Moze with the Phaseslam anointment. One question, does the Cryo terror damage hurt you when self healing with a chuck?

EDIT: Also, I thought Deathless simply sets your health to 1 and gives +100% shields. Does it actually convert health to shields (and thus gain from max health increases)?

EDIT2: Another thing, do you have any idea how a Phasezerker compares to the Nimbus? I was thinking with Avatar and the Phasezerker damage boost, it could come close in single-reload damage. The cooldown boost from Phasezerker would also increase your anointment uptime (as does investing into Avatar in this scenario).

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I have been trying to get the (insane) gear needed for this since the terror event started, but yikes it is painful.

Great stuff mate :slight_smile: Is cooldown not a problem, though?

I think he only uses the Nimbus for the 10/5 in tempest. He uses phaseslam so it’s not gaining any effect from the COM.

The stats on that mod are crazy good. Since Tediore chucks count as grenades aswell.
+Splash, +Mag Size, + Grenade damage. Maybe AS cooldown would’ve been nice.

EDIT : and that artifact LOL Those stats are just perfect. Is a bit risky though to have a deathless version of it.

The cryo anointment doesn’t hurt you since no damage gets registered with the transformer.

You’re right about the deathless, I got confused with how my Moze works. Prob best to go 3/3 personal space and just put in 2 talents in clarity as a filler, or drop the deathless altogether for a victory rush or otto idol, although that would prob make us much less tanky. Gotta test it out.

I haven’t tested the Phasezerker, mainly because talents it boost are meh for tediore chucking. I’m sure you could build around a rush stack / avatar setup but by investing the points in it you either drop Tempest or the utility talents from brawl (which I think are actually central to the build). Also the gun damage boost is not multiplicative like tempest, although the action skill cd can be great, most things die in 1 shot even without phaseslam up, phaseslam is great for bosses where you only need it once and you won’t have rush stacks there anyways. I think overall there are better builds to apply rush stacks, keep them up by killing things with your action skill and actually make good use of all rush bonuses (we mostly only need the reload).

@Avatara While at 100% shields the action skill comes off cd in like 12 seconds, with the deathless and transformer you insta regen the 25k shield with 1 reload thrown at your feet. Plus the 40% absorb chance applies to all your hp with it. Also, since we’re not using the bloodletter com like Moze and we have mindfulness, it regens all the time. It’s the best option for survivability imo.

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Sure. But having Victory Rush or Ottos Idol would be nice alternative. But with those stats, I’d be using Deathless aswell.
I’ve been running a similar build ever since I saw joltzdude video that Facepuncher restores shotgun ammo, but I dont have a Shock Phaseslam shotgun, just a regular one, unfortunately. My best time in Slaughter Shaft was 16min, so even without the Phaseslam anointment, its still an OP build. Never bothered to try it on Graveward, but couple of other bosses just melt.

I got Tediore reload COM, then I use 5 points into Alacrity and Fast Hands, to make my reload time real quick. In this build thats the equivalent of Fire Rate. Because of this I miss out on Mindfulness unfortunately.

Yeh I’m considering the otto idol and victory rush atm. It would leave me without any viable ways to regen hp though. Tediore builds are crazy op, I can imagine soloing the Maliwan Takedown unless they nerf tediore before. Amara’s reload speed is what really puts her above Moze imo.

Have you tried Terror Health Regen? Its quite nice actually, since you can restore shields on demand, it will heal you nicely meanwhile. I got a transformer shield with that anointment.

Might give that a try, lose a bit of dmg from the terror anointment on shield but also gain some + movement speed with victory rush. Would still lack the insta 100% heal but it could be manageable like that

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Farming the gear just got harder with the latest hotfix. Is there a better place to farm than Slaughtershaft M3?

You can farm the vending machine in Heck for the different grenades with terror. If you dont have them yet, I’d try to get them in all variations before the event ends.
Tediore Shotgun from Earls vending machine.
Artifact/Class mod from Graveward.
Facepuncher/Legendary grenade mod/Transformer in Slaughter Shaft.
I got my transformer shield by completing “Its Alive” and overwriting the savefile until I got the version I wanted, but Im not sure if that would work anymore, since they limited the Terror anointments from non Heck/Ghost related sources.

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I’m going to need to try this. Thanks for sharing. The stats on that mod are just perfect for that build.

After running this for a while it seems like the Terror Cryo damage sometimes kills me.

Tried farmiing the Heck vending machine. It never had anointed grenades.

Did it just happen randomly or was there a pattern? It hasn’t happened to me so far when using shock reloads.

EDIT: so it seems that the cryo terror anointment cannot drop on grenades in game (same for the extra pellet, crit damage and ammo regeneration). The best option is the gun damage / fire rate anointment with terror dmg reduction on the shield. Would also be good to have 50% terror cryo anointed weapons for when phaseslam is in CD.

Hmm, I’m not really sure if there was a pattern, but it happened fairly often.

As an alternative, I’d recommend the terror Ammo Regen anointment on your shield (with Terror damage/fire rate on grenade). While terrified, you’ll regen your mag while you’re in the reload animation, so the chuck will have a little extra damage with those 2 extra rounds in the mag.

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Yeah, I guess the recent changes to anointed droprates significantly lowered the chances to see those grenades in the Vending machine… I farmed them before that hotfix. I have a few spare ones. If you’re on PC, I can send you a couple.

This looks fun, but the amount of god-rolled items needed to do this is insane. I have 5 annointed transformer shields, but I havent seen the one you have.
I also have had about 5 annointed facepunchers… Never gotten that one.
And I have never ever gotten a cutpurse, nor a +5 CM, let alone a god-rolled one.

I did however find a +300% weapon damage Gunerang yesterday and your post inspired (and deflated me) so I’ll try and make it work somehow with my own garbage CMs and artefacts lol.

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The perfect rolls are just to show what the best possible setup is, they’re not required for the build to be good. You can probably get it to work with what you have atm. If you need to farm for purple mirv Tediores try the gungun, after a certain time it only only drops purples. I would say the most important parts are a transformer, a shock Tediore MIRV shotgun (face puncher only regenerates shotgun ammo) a cutpurse relic and a face puncher. You can probably manage without the deathless. The secondary bonuses are really just extra icing on the cake.