Ninas last name

In the Subconsciousness, when shooting the bubble with a face in it, Claptrap gives a comment on the shown character.
He says for Nina, that she is Iwan Vladofs long lost sister. Most people propably suspected this connection after listening in on her converstaion during the calibration-mission in concordia. Not sure if this was revealed before, but with this we have proof that she is indeed Nina Vladof :smile:

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Now we just have to discover what she went on the run for!

I thought her first name was Nurse and her last was Nina.

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No, no, silly babushka!

She and Mr. Toruge would be best friends.

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I like her just about as much as I like pickle

I guess im just a fanboy.

I quite enjoy thick Russian accents (too many spy movies i suppose) and any variant of Brit / Auzzie / Kiwi accent have always interested me.

Cockney rhyming slang is cool too, although Pickle / Eliza explaining every term they use is ridiculous.

Also, for all Pickle haters, his ECHOs that you can find in the Motherlessboardmake him a much more empathetic character.

Also, speaking of Torgue, his reactions to the horrific events Clappy causes in Overlook kind of paint him in a whole new sadistic / psychotic light:

Yeah, Torgue is crazy, it’s good they reminded us.
Pickle is still annoying, I don’t care how orphaned he is :smiley:

By the way, HOW did Pickle get down to Pandora to be in the opening DLC cutscene on TVHM / UVHM?

He’s not there on Normal mode.

Actually, i guess travel between Elpis / Pandora must be pretty routine by then.

My guess, since we know from the echos in Jack’s office that Nina assisted the doctor who made Timothy, and I assume jack’s other douibles, she’s probably hiding from Jack. Do you think he’d let the people who knew he had doubles live?

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Excellent point!

I always wondered why Nina Vladof was in hiding!