Ninja Kelvin - Helix done

Things you will need:

  1. Cooldown gear, attack speed gear, skill damage gear, movespeed/sprintspeed gear.

  2. Kelvin experience.

  3. A friend to save you from your ridiculous dives.

The goal of this build is to be a ninja that sublimates whenever possible and moves like a gypsy, smooth a swiftly. Slow down your enemies and Execute them mercilessly by eating them alive. And hopefully you have a pocket healer, aka a friend, to keep you alive when needed. Become the Mega Interplanetary Ninja Assassin Kelvin - MINAK for short.


This part will be flexible.

Level 1 - Coldclock. Yep, you just got bamboozled. Or maybe not. I’m taking this option because we are all about that speed. And an AoE slow on the primary attack, even if it’s just one second, is essentially a speed boost.

Level 2 - Quick Bite. Speeeeed. Later on, with reduced Chomp cooldown, you get a 30% boost every 4 seconds. Except it lasts 2 seconds. Do the math.

Level 3 - Either. If your team has enough hard CC, go with the slow because A. Let’s not make the game any more cancerous and B. More slowed targets is better for your next helix options. But if you don’t want to lose the stun, go ahead with Swelling Wind.

Level 4 - Slow Food. 25% damage boost against slowed targets? Regardless of how Chomp works (i.e. is it possible to get above the cap?), 25% extra damage is now joke. And we slow errybody.

Level 5 - Blue Ice, hands down. DR is supposedly based on hitpoints. The more hitpoints, the better the DR. Guess what Kelvin has? A lot of hitpoints. 30% every 5 or 4 seconds is awesome. Can the shield be destroyed quickly? Maybe, but it’s better than taking health damage outright. That shield should negate a chunk of the damage. And the other option is, statistically, inferior… IIRC.

Level 6 - Oh man, this is a toughie. If you find yourself eating minions, you might as well go with Consume. If you took the slow, it’s better to go with Windchill because, unlike the stun, the slow effect will continue into that extra Sublimate duration (You can’t stun in those extra three seconds, only the slow).

Level 7 - Stay away from Icy Force, the point is to keep your enemies close to you. Groupthink is the most consistent option here, as you’ll always be close to allies. Iceheart makes you feel like an assassin. Just pick whatever you feel like, as long as it’s not Icy Force.

Level 8 - Windy Season. Your sublimate will come off cooldown every 18 seconds or so, not including CD gear or Consume. That’s cool. Pick it.

Level 9 - Overeater is what you’re going with. The damage boost from Sawtooth is negligible. But getting shields/DR quicker? Speeding up the time between speed boosts? Eating things more? It’s just… better.

Level 10 - Absolute Zero. All three of these are good to me, if not in need of positive tweakings, but I go with the slow to synergize with Slow Food. You won’t need walls that often, so this lets you make better use of the walls you DO put out. Really pick whatever you want to here, I strongly recommend Absolute Zero for this build though.


And by later you of course mean, you’ll disappear for five years then come back only to tell everyone that you’ve decided to cancel finishing this guide.


Yeah, that sounds about right. Anyway I got stuff to do right now… that I kinda sorta maybe forgot about earlier… whoops…


Kelvin best assassin
Pendles best tank