Ninja MOD dmg superfluous?

I recently ran my level 67 Infiltrator Zer0 through Fink’s Bloodbath or whatever that arena is called at The Fridge.

After having some trouble, I decided to pull my Ninja MOD out of the bank and try it again. The Ninja mod was blue, 5/4 Killing Blow and Backstab.

I didn’t see any real difference in melee damage from when I was running the Infiltrator MOD.

My build was all the way down Bloodshed and Cunning, best Roid Shield available, Relic was cool down Bone.

As long as I did everything right from a skill standpoint (slag, decepti0n, kunai, Execute at the last moment), the melee damage all seemed comparable between Ninja MOD and Infiltrator MOD.

Does the melee damage from the Ninja/Legendary Ninja MOD really come into play at OP levels, or am I missing something?

Any advice/experience welcome.

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It matters less than some other bonuses. Here’s the melee formula:

It doesn’t matter quite as much as some other bonuses. The damage bonus from +5 to backstab on a Ninja COM on the other hands is the tits.