Ninja range buff to the clone?

So I got to play yesterday, and I fought graveward for fun and my clone actually started shooting a him while he was at his idle state range. I don’t know if I haven’t done graveward in a long time and that’s old news, or if they improved the clones target acquiring range.
Anyone else noticed this?

@Gentlemann enlighten us mr.clonefessor

Multiple tests or just the one run? I have noticed occasionally the clone will pick up targets way outside its normal effective range, which most likely means there is a coding issue with its target acquisition (speaking of, Gearbox why didn’t you just give the clone the same framework you gave to freaking Badasses and their rocket launchers? Those ■■■■■■■ NEVER miss). If its happening every time you run though, thats a clear sign of a ninja buff.

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I dunno, but Graveward is a little inconsistent because the clone will only shoot if the arena is not tilted.

I just have that one sample. Unfortunately

Edit: retrospectively, I’ll have to add that I should’ve noticed it earlier. There clone kept shooting hive shots during regular free roam even though I left him further behind

Don’t sweat it, I’ll test it myself when I’m at my computer.

haha thats cute :stuck_out_tongue:
well to be honest I dont really farm gravewarden with zane and especially not with my clone build, he can kill it easy yes, but it DOES take quite a bit longer, so I see no point in it.

but to OP, the AI is quite weird still and nothing has changed to my knowledge after countless test after each patch or hotfix.
there are ways so the clone attack, for example right after you drop down there is a consistant position to spawn the clone so it shoots immediatly, but the platform movement kills the AI instantly so he stops shooting.
basically after every attack where gravewarden comes toward the platform the ai will “click” and notice that there actually is an enemy and he will shoot him, even when he retreats.

BUT to the best of my knowledge there is no consistant way for the whole fight to position the clone so he can always attack, he will always have some moments of derpiness standing around.

My best way is wait for treebois first smash, then summon the clone so he shoots his arm, deal enough damage to it to make him fall over, then shoot is face. you can one cicle this with good modifiers, or you need to 2 cicle this…

EDIT: as of weapons used I dont think different weapons have different targeting ranges