Ninja's Amateur Gameplay and Shenanigans

I’m no pro and my setup isn’t the best quality, but I like sharing my experiences for fun. This topic is to play host to all my videos I hope to share so they’re all in one place. I also take requests when it comes to what I record. All you gotta do is ask! Most of what you’ll see is just playing for fun–I rarely play seriously, but can and will.

Just messing around with some Varkids. Trying to secure a Quasar. This is at OP0 with my OP8 Mechromancer.

Basic map clearing while also demonstrating the build I made to utilize Infinity Pistols with the Mechromancer at lv. 72


Playing with a friend when I caught this unusual occurrence on film. I never knew this was possible.


Long video of some fun with the Goliaths at Sawtooth…first video doing narration/commentary…


That’s not a legit infinity…just sayin. :smirk:

Oh I know. I found that out a bit ago and have been farming for a REAL one to replace it. Can’t lie though, I do love it. I have a whole collection of decommissioned nonreal weapons that I store on a mule to get them out of circuit if I don’t sell them.

I have been caught in similar situation before I knew what to look for. it happens… :slight_smile:

And here it is! All one minute of it!


#Part One

Explaining how I farm Legendary Loot Midgets in Sawtooth Cauldron. This is the first half, the second is still being uploaded. But I will post it as soon as it does.

#Part Two

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