Nipping in the Bud

I won’t out names out there, some of the players on PS4 already know who I am talking about when I describe the situation.

There was a player who believes that he must DC or quit out the moment he thinks he is about to die, which would’ve been quite frequently in the game. Frankly it was highly abused throughout the entire Incursion match as this Attikus, so towards the end of the game his stats LOOK impressive at 18 and 1 but that’s only because everytime he would’ve been ganked by the entire team, he left the match only to rejoin some 20 seconds later so he could continue playing, rinse and repeat.

I just thought this should be public knowledge, not going to name him as many players in the higher levels know who this person is, but ■■■■ like this is why the game is still careening downwards community wise, again this was on PS4. Said player was playing against @Nemosis327 Myself and @vagrantsun believing this method to be a “legit” tactic everytime he should’ve died.

Just tossing this out for people to be aware of.


Paging @JoeKGBX and @Jythri to look into this. I realise that there might be legitimate reasons for disconnects/reconnects, so you don’t want to just block reconnects outright, but is there a way to take action on such blatant abuse? Because that’s pretty bad.


@Nemosis327 has had more experience with this player’s “technique” than I have, I’ve only played against him doing this once and it was yesterday. But it was thick and ripe with abuse. He was exploiting the DC to deny EXP whenever he should’ve died to the enemy team and then rejoining. He still lost, which only shows that his ethics are just slightly worse than his actual skill at the game.


This is a perfect instance to use in-game reporting to alert our team to this behavior. Thanks for taking the extra step to bring it to the forums for visibility’s sake.


The only issue with reporting is that the catagories don’t allow for reason/context, meaning the reports either need stockpiles of them, or dev / community knowledge.


We do have some internal processes and policies that help us mitigate this, so it’s something we’ve adapted to. Still, you’re absolutely correct. It’s not a perfect system, but we feel like it’s an effective one, and having you guys communicate these types of instances with us only makes it that much better.

I would add that while the system isn’t perfect, this shouldn’t deter people from reporting troublesome behavior when they see it. We do keep an eye on these reports and take action on them.


Does this un-named player on PS4 start with a letter and end in a number?

0_0 my psn does that! D:

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His name starts with specialdragoon and ends with something rhyming with A


Hmm, what’s my next hint? How many syllables?


Nope, no idea who/what that is. That hint isn’t good enough D:


He plays on two platforms. I’ve never seen him try that strat though, typically just accuses of cheating without reason and then a bunch of pointless emotes.


Points out of reflex, with beak agape.

Oh, I KNEW it!

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Mine too! No witch hunts please! XD

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Sad to hear that this “mystery guy” is still around.

Y-you monsters! Stop DC’ing you cheatin’ pieces of schist


Ugh, it’s HIM…


I doubt there’s a vet on the PSN that doesn’t recognize him as a frequent quitter.


A phenomenon European PC players generally refer to as “hanifing”.


I played with and against him a long time ago. He didn’t quit then, he was just toxic.

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