Nisha beginner question (closed)

Hey guys, just started a Nisha and was wondering what skill tree to start with. I am really interested in doing a jackobs pistol/shotgun build, does that mean I start with fth tree?

Edit: never mind guys , I found earlier post with the information I needed. Sorry about that.

How you getting on? After @DomNation went to bed last night I started a new Nisha class just to have a look at her sexy butt, and I was like WOW WOW that’s some serious early game power!! When you get your action skill right she’s so awesome, and finally a mega good reason to use Jakobs pistols again :smile:

I always loved the early game Pistols so now they just ROCK! Gold chest farming is now in vogue hahaha

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Hell yeah, getting all my pistols out of the gold chest! I am liking my Nisha playthrough now that I am at tombstone. After riflewoman tree I am going down fan the hammer. I will be looking for luck cannons and would love to find a pepperbox. Nisha is awesome. And for a game character does have a nice ass. Lol

Oh, loving the jackobs shotties and snipers on her too!