Nisha build 22/22/23

This is a tree build I have in mind as I level up. I think I will first go down the green one first then the blue one then the red one for the last. I made this by looking over skills guide on here. I just want to hear what you guys think of what I made and suggestion any guns for the UVH and what tree I should go down as I play through the game

Can’t give you a complete answer without knowing what gear you intend to use.

At a glance it looks fine. You should probably move the points from due process to Trick shot, but it looks sound otherwise.

I would move it but I need the point to get Thunder Crackdown.

Has anyone made a good level 70 nisha melee build? She just seems like the potential should be there but when you try it out in game she just feels so weak at melee, :frowning:

Not that I know of.

IMO, Nisha doesn’t have the tools to make a pure melee build viable. Most of her best Melee assets are on cooldown or stacks mechanics, and some require going from melee to gun, so IMO, the best thing you can do with her is a Hybrid build.

A Cryo pistol with a blade (with OFEOY), a COM that boosts 3rd degree, thunder crackdown, good (roid) shield management and a good eye for timing should do the trick.

Yeah. I feel like it would feel a lot better if it didn’t use the whip, but rather the bladed animation like it does for Athena when you use a gun with a blade. I mean it seemed with thunder crackdown that a good melee or hybrid build was possible. But sadly even her hybrid builds still feel lack luster. Even claptrap has a really good melee build. So to see Nisha lack sucks, especially for those who want some variety with her or don’t prefer to just kill everything in show down. I love TPS, but with the lack of content, I try and find new builds and things to do. Sometimes that can be hard.