Nisha Damage Skill Formulas

While Nisha may seem like a towering behemoth of big, scary numbers and cowboy movie references on the surface; she is actually just a small town girl: full of additive bonuses! Her formulas are fairly simple and straightforward, the only issue to be had is with the lineage of some of her skills (Crack Shot and Magnificent Six), but those will be covered later in the thread. (More skills will be added later in the thread, but require further testing)

To begin, let’s go over the damage skills/general buffs I used in the formula:
-Showdown: This skill supplies a simple 42% Additive Base Damage Buff
-Crack Shot: Gives the user a 50% Additive Base Damage Buff on the first shot in the Magazine
-Quick Shot: Grants a 30% Additive Base Damage Buff After Reloading
-Saddle Up: After kill, Nisha gets a 25% Additive Base Damage Buff
-Bona Fide Grit: On kill, grants a 70% Additive Critical Hit Damage Buff (The Skills Card says the bonus is only 35%)
-Magnificent Six: The last 6 shots from a non-elemental gun’s magazine will deal an 30% Additive Base Damage Bonus to the last 6 Bullets
-Critical Hits: On any gun excluding Jakobs or sniper rifles; this will be a 100% Bonus

An issue recognized immediately is the use of Crack Shot and Magnificent Six in the same formula. There are specific low-magazine weapons that can proc the two of these skills at the same time, but I will cover those in a later portion of the thread.
The first formula is going to be for Non-Elemental Weapons with a magazine higher than 6:

([Base x (1 + .42 + .30 + .50 + .25) x (1 + 1 + .70)) + ([(Base x (1 + .42 + .30 + .30 + .25) x (1 + 1 + .70)] x 6)) +
([Base x (1 + .42 + .30 + .25) x (1 + 1 + .70)] x (Weapon Mag Size - 7)) = Damage output for the entire magazine

I am aware that some people might get confused by this formula but let me elaborate:
I needed multiple layers of the formula to compensate for skills such as Crack Shot and Magnificent Six because these two skills only activate at a certain time while the gun is firing.

The formula without Magnificent Six but still includes Crack Shot goes as the following:

[Base x (1 + .42 + .30 + .50 + .25) x (1 + 1 + .70)] + ([Base x (1 + .42 + .30 + .25) x (1 + 1 + .70)] x (Weapon Magazine Size - 1))

The formula WITH Magnificent Six but no Crack Shot is:

([Base x (1 + .42 + .30 + .25) x (1 + 1 + .70)] x (Weapon Magazine Size - 6)) +
([Base x (1 + .42 + .30 + .30 +.25) x (1 + 1 + .70)] x 6)

The formula WITHOUT Magnificent Six OR Crack Shot shall be:

([Base x (1 + .42 + .30 + .25) x (1 + 1 + .70)] x (Weapon Magazine Size)

This formula does not have to represent the entire magazine; if you are not specced into Crack Shot or Magnificent Six then you can use the formula without the “Weapon Magazine size” part if you want to calculate the damage per shot.

The First Formula without including Critical Hits will follow this formula:

[Base x ( 1 + .42 + .3 + .5 + .25)] + ([Base x (1 + .42 + .3 + .3 + .25)] x 6) + ([Base x (1 + .42 + .3 + .25)] x (Weapon Magazine Size - 7)

To implement having No Crit into any formula, you simply remove the “(1 + 1 + .7)

If you want any version of this formula to be formatted for your own personal build then you can just ask within the topic and someone will help you.

Special thanks to: @Chuck80, @Derch, and @Sljm

Note: I was going to include the skill Trick Shot because it is commonly used for builds and implements a damage debuff upon a reflected bullet. However, during testing I found that Trick Shot does not give you a debuff at all!, it is supposed to have a 20% damage reduction upon shooting a surface and the bullet reflecting to an enemy, but it doesn’t do that! Which makes it better!


Nice work man! Love seeing this up.

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I always enjoy seeing the in-game math getting broken down for everyone to see and use to their advantage. Keep it up!

thanks scruffy :smiley: if you want to see some REAL breaking down, then go to the old forums, people like Derch and Sljm have been doing a better job than i did!

Good Job. I suck at this on Nisha, so this is great for math-noobs like me. And its doing an important thing for new players!

I appreciate that! Considering how I barely understand this now that I look at it, IDK how it’ll go with new players. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great thread.

A few questions for you Nishas out there:

  • Are Due Process, Rarin’ to Go, and Short Fused all additive bonuses? (I think this may previously have been confirmed, but an’t find it.)
  • Have has anyone ever figured out where Hot Lead comes into play? @Chuck80 mentions in his skill guide that it may be 25% of gun damage (i.e. additive to base gun damage, not 25% of the critical hit, which is what I had assumed). Has this been confirmed?
  • Anyone know how the damage on Crack Shot’s explosion or Unforgiven’s explosion gets calculated? (I think Unforgiven may be fixed, IIRC.)

Sadly, without a target dummy, I know some of this information is hard to figure out. I haven’t found a good way, thus my request. :wink: Figured some of it might be hiding somewhere on the old forums that I didn’t look.

  • Yes, all additive
  • We were used to additional elemental damage to be multiplicative, but it’s not the case here. It will still work with crits (for obvious reasons)
  • I have asked this before but never got an answer, it is indeed hard to tell without a test dummy