Nisha Executioner Achievement

While I wait to play co-op with my buddies I’m trying to get some achievements. The other ones involving the three other vault hunters have been a piece of cake. This one however I can’t seem to get. Is there a certain Skill point allocation/location you can use early on to get it easier?

The top right skill in the Fan the Hammer tree will help. This is with a Celestial Lawbringer class mod.

I think I got that achievment in the Kraggon’s lair in the Nothing’s Never an Option area in Outlands Spur. You could also try rounding up a bunch of torks in the opening areas of the Titan Industrial Facility.
10/5 Ruthless definitely helps.

Can anyone remind me what that achievement is again ?

Alright I’ll just keep playing until I get it, will probably visit those areas more often now that you recommended them. And also spec into some damaging skills while I’m at it. Thanks!

Do you recommend a certain kind of gun? Jakob’s pistol? Shotgun?

It’s for getting 10 kills during Nisha’s showdown.

The hardest part is finding 10 things to kill at the same place :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s say that you find such a place

1: go down one difficulty level
2: Use a rocket launcher
3: use a COM that boosts Ruthless

Guardian Hunter mission?

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I think I used a Jakobs pistol and killed some Torks at the Industrial Facility

I got the achievement. I got an electric laser and went to the Son of Flamey. Theres 6 enemies there and 2 of them spawn two more baby kragons. Made it easy pickings.