Nisha Laser Build with Eclipse Eos Kill Video

I played Nisha up to Level 60 and then started playing Jack. I switched back to Nisha about a month ago. This build was essentially a continuation of my level 60 build, with some reworking. I realize that others may have posted the same or a similar build previously. If so, I haven’t seen it. However, I relied very heavily on Chuck 80’s Nisha Skills post and other information gleaned in this forum. Retrodenizen’s Eos/Eclipse video in the Jack forum was a definite inspiration as to what could be done with a refined build.

I would rather do the Badass Round in the Holodome than kill Eclipse and Eos. However, a scan of the more recent posts in this forum suggest that the latter is the gold standard, and for good reason. Everybody in the game kind grind out a victory against E/E. Killing them in a couple of minutes seems to be another matter entirely.

But, soloing the BA Round, without BA points, is tougher for me. While I don’t have much trouble killing Eclipse/Eos with BA skills turned off, I have a good bit more trouble in the Holodome with no BA points. Finding the a build with the best balance between gun performance, ammo consumption and survival has been evasive in a build that also strives to kill EOS/Eclipse in short order, all with BA skills off.

##UPDATE AS OF 8-17-2015##
I re-allocated some skills points, and was able to solo the Badass Round in the Holodome without Badass Point Buffs. Unfortunately, in addition to being other than thrilling, the video of this event includes a 12 minute span in which the game is paused. [I got ambushed in a conference call]. In any event, I also posted a video of the completion of the BA round with BA points on. I think this gives a better idea of how the build plays.

I have also killed Eclipse and Eos with this build and no BA points. I don’t have a single video of good fast kills for both, but will be happy to post what I have if anybody is interested. The play against Eclipse remains uneven. For the most part, I can smoke Eos in less than a minute and half every time.

I’m not really planning on updating this any further. I’m happy to answer questions, but otherwise I see this as complete.



With BA Points

Without BA Points




The skill tree employed in the Eclipse/Eos Video. is the result of leveling and organically configured to address leveling issues. As onlyin_kansas suggests in the first post below, I moved 3 points out of Crack Shot, 1 from No Pain No Gain and 2 from Jurisdiction and put them in SaddleUp and High Noon. I think the changes represent an improvement, but I will continue to experiment for the best configuration for overall play,

This is the skill tree as configured in the Sentinels Video

##UPDATE AS OF 8/17/2015

This the skill tree used in the Holodome videos. I specced back into Crack Shot and found that it gave enough of a damage buff to get the job done. The video with BA points has a couple of good examples of why Crack Shot is a good choice. Skip to around 1:34 around the 22nd minute during the final skirmish. While I used Crack Shot while I was leveling primarily because it helps in FFYL, it really does a bunch of damage when specced with 4 points. I noticed it the most either during or after Showdown.


As I play more with this build, I realize that I almost always die if I run out of the ammo for any weapon. That means that any weapon I use has to be capable of completing the objective on the available ammo. However, many ammo misers are also lightweights without a glitch or kill skills. So two of my weapons, the Splitters and the shotties, have to be decent on ammo while still being fully capable of getting me out of FFYL and inflicting significant damage. The other two, the Slapper and the Blaster, are fully capable of killing minor enemies for kill skills or running the table in Showdown or with a bunch of stacked kills.

Tediore or Maliwan Splitters
These are essential to this build. I am still vacillating between which I like better. The Tediores fire six beams at a cost of one ammo, so they are easier on the ammo. They absolutely shred most enemies too. The Maliwans have better accuracy and do more damage, particularly with the continuous firing bonus. For the most part, these are interchangeable - except that to I find it is easier to kill Eclipse with a Maliwan Splitter. I look for these that are level 4 in the blue and green glitches, though the red and yellow shred as well. Elementally, I like all of them for different enemies.

Maliwan Blasters
These are great weapons and are easy on the ammo. While they take a little while to get up to speed with a larger enemy, once you have a kill or two - or just some damage with Unchained - these are monsters in their own right. My Maliwan shock blaster is generally my number 1 gun. The version I use now glitches O0L4M0A4. I was delighted to find one without the red glitch (O0), but also want one with the green glitch maxed (M4).


Hyperion Critical Expansion Shotgun
I have a Cryo Practicable that positively shreds. I am looking for one in each element. I can’t remember offhand what the glitch codes are, but it doesn’t matter. This baby is good on ammo and ventilates enemies. It is good in purple or glitch. Chuck 80, in his post on how to shotgun, asserts that the the fewer projectile/longer range shotguns outperform the Quads and Developments for most characters. I certainly have found that to be true on Nisha. The Critical Expansion, which shoots 6, does a good job on ammo as compared to the Crowd Pleaser and Development, which are out of ammo in a couple of reloads.


Torgue Slapper

Relatively rapid firing Torgue pistol that does explosive damage. I had this with a Double Penetrating prefix at level 67 and only retired it when I ground an Intensive Slapper, level 70. Cold - with no kill skills - it’s not my first choice. However, when it glitches, or in Showdown, or when I have a bunch of skills stacked, it eats enemy health like pac-man. It too, has comparatively low ammo consumption.

Hyperion T4s3r

I love these guns, which are fine for mobbing and an occasional boss. I have the Win-Win prefix in shock, which doesn’t do enough damage against tougher enemies. But, I love to use them while waiting for Eos to recharge his shield. With One for Each of Ya, they put on quite a light show. I will give the Cryo version a try when I get one from the Holodome.



I am not much for rocket launchers. The ammo is expensive, I kill myself with them and they generally don’t fire fast enough to suit me. The Cryo uses reduced ammo, has a fairly high fire rate and with the right prefix, does a bunch of damage and reloads this century. I use this one only on Eos, post-shield. The version I have now is not ideal and I will upgrade it the next time I grind legendaries. I prefer the Crit or High Damage versions. Even though I don’t use the scope, its placement on the one I have messes up my aim.


Prismatic Bulwark

Awesome Hyperion shield. Volumes already written about it here and on the web.

##OZ Kit##


Awesome Hyperion oz kit. Volumes already written about it here and on the web. It spontaneously charges my shield and restores health, it does shock damage to nearby enemies and it randomly ejaculates care packages on kills. It buffs air control, max slam damage, laser damage and shield capacity.

##Class Mod##

Chronicler of Elpis

Like any number of other Nisha players, this is my favorite mod. The Tombstone buff, coupled with the Cryo buff, makes it a smart choice for a wide range of builds.

##Grenade Mod##

Maliwan Transfusion Grenades
I use both cryo and shock. I look for a short fuse more than a particular delivery method. I am very fond of a Longbow Shock and a Rubberized Cryo with zero fuses. They can get you out of a jam and both have varying degrees of elemental effectiveness. The Cryo will likely freeze any enemy in the Holodome, the Shock will get most shields in there too. However neither has any particularly damaging effect on Eos/Eclipse’s health, but the shock will takes bites of shield.

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looking good! but i must ask, why crack shot? on a weapon type with consistently high mag sizes, it seems wasted. maybe throw that point into hells, trick shot, or jurisdiction.

I had two reasons. The first was that it is not a kill skill and speeds up the time from 0-60, particularly against bosses like Iwajira or the Little Sentinel. The other is that it comes in handy to get out of FFYL. However, I think it was more important while leveling when I didn’t have the best guns at every level. I will certainly take a look at it to see if those points would be better off somewhere else.

fair enough.