Nisha Model Using Wrong Textures (Default Skin) [All Platforms]

(Hexin Ex) #1

The skin used as her default titled “Nisha’s Rustic Garb” looks nothing like her. It looks completely different from what she is supposed to look like in her default look. Same goes for her arms and hands in 1st person when using the mentioned skin. :frowning:

Here is Nisha lookin fly and cool and all badass outside of gameplay:

Yet… In-game… :

You can even see the icon using the right skin in the lower left! D’:

Please PLEASE fix this! She is my favorite character and this issue has been a thing since launch!

(How much time do we have?) #2

The top image is flipped left-to-right compared to the other two!

My guess is that the designers changed the default look in-game, but the folks working on the cut-scenes had used a different version and it wasn’t possible or worth it to change them.

That said, some of the challenge reward skins are close in appearance…

(Hexin Ex) #3

I’m not suuuuuure… Even the official release art of her she has the right skin… The bottom one is lit brighter than the top one.

As well as the opening video, her player icon, promotional material, etc. This has to be a bug and it really should be fixed :frowning:

(How much time do we have?) #4

You can file a bug report by opening a support ticket. Given when the last update for the game was, however, I’m not to sure how realistic expecting a fix would be for a minor cosmetic issue.