Nisha or Aurelia

I just can not decide between these two. It seems that the more I find out about one the more I lean to the other. Nisha is boring but is great at boss killing. Aurelia is fun and good at mobbing but is terrible at boss fighting. So can you please help me decide between these two and tell me which gear is best for the one who is you choice.

I’d say, why not try them both out? Game wont run away. But anyway, to gett a bit more specific on both characters:

Nisha is everything but boring, if you ignore her action skill. Though, from personal experience (and depending on build) her firerate becomes so absurd that it is best to stick to Jakobs, or other non automatic weapons.

As for Aurelia. She’s sadly the only character I personally have problems with against bosses (which for her make it a specific gear check, so to speak). But for mobbing, she’s awesome, one of those characters that makes sniping really satisfying if you ask me.

Offcourse, this is all from personal experience, and others might have a diffirent view on this all.

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I still don’t know which to boost I mean I love cryo but i don’t want to die every time I solo a boss. What good ledgendaries are there for taking down bosses with Aurelia?

Longnail and Pitchfork for snipers.

I couldn’t agree with @MidnightNova more.

I always say give the character a whirl. It’ll really let you get a feel from them, even in lower levels.

Also, see some gameplay videos (of zones you’ve already cleared so as to avoid spoilers).

I just have one lingering doubt, will I be able to solo Bosses?

Honestly, that depends on you and your build. A lot of veteran Aurelia players will tell you they have trouble with some bosses. Others seem to handle them fine.

Regardless, Sentinel’s first form will always be a challenge, because bullet reflection and no crit spot. You’re either going to need beam lasers, launchers, or servants for that part. Outside of that, anything can be sniped fairly easily and quickly if you have good aim.

I’d say that you are failing at asking your question.

The correct question is do you play Claptrap as a Boomtrap with Fragmented fragtrap build, or a fragmented fragtrap with boomtrap.

The answer is Yes!

Longbow Quasar at his feet works wonders. Torgue spitters for when he goes into reflection mode.

Bosses are definitely more work. Prepare for FFYL recovery. Health recovery is also more of a chore than other characters.

Rapid fire anything in his face and he melts. Anarchists, smgs even shotties, if you dare to be close enough. Most chars seem to do well with that.

In his first form he doesn’t have a face (with a crit spot anyway).:wink:

Also, if you rapid fire in his face and he starts spinning that staff around, Aurelia has limited means of healing herself. You’re limited to grenades and frigid touch, which means you may not be able to heal fast enough when needed.

Hence why I said beam lasers. Safest choice for that stage of the fight.

Kite around the pillars. He rarely gets close if you make good use of them.

My bad I was thinking about the wrong stage.