Nisha Putting a beating on Denial Subroutine - bypassing all 3 phases

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I recently learned how to upload video captures from my Xbone to YouTube. Pretty fun stuff to play around with. Here is Nisha bypassing the 3 phases of DSR. The build I typically use is a variation of @charrisx build. Enjoy…

Denial Subroutine.. Tips?
Denial Subroutine.. Tips?
(Sheriff) #2

What is the key to bypass the phase change ?

Seems like when I do this damage stops registering.

(Ducadae) #3

Same. I’ve had a shock Rosie and housed the shield and the first third of the bar and then damage stops registering.

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(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #4

Luck and killing him before the stun lock animation is over in my experience.

(Sheriff) #5

So, it’s the same as with EOS ?

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #6

With EOS you have to kill the last 80% of his health in less than a ~1/5 of a second.

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #7

Not knowing the technicality of why this can be done will inhibit my response. But in a nutshell, yes. It’s kind of like EOS. You just have to put out enough damage quick enough to bypass the phases. I have only been able to do this with Nisha. All I do is get a kill before I concentrate on DSR. I focus on a tenticle first. After the tenticle is dead I immediately jump into showdown to focus all damage on DSR. I can only accomplish this solo for obvious reasons. :wink:

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@Chuck80 Maybe my fingers are quicker than I give them credit for. :smile:

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@Chuck80 and @khimerakiller, So I attempted to recreate this vid for you two displaying what’s under the hood so-to-speak.

I made 3 attempts over the weekend. I was successful 2 out of 3 times. Here is the 1st run…which I admit I was lucky.

This is the 3rd run and went much smoother…

(Pandora's Industrial Engineer) #10

You can kill the bug in the chest for an easy kill skill.

Pro tip :+1:

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it’s amazing how some tips are so simple it’s genius. To think I never thought of that is just mind numbing…:persevere:

Thanks @khimerakiller. Great tip. I have a vid of me running around with a yellow glitch using the melee to stop the yellow loop prematurely. Thanks for that tip as well. :+1:

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Correction. I have recently accomplished this with a coop buddy in game. So, it doesn’t have to be solo. :wink: