Nisha - Showdown with Too Scoops?

Has anyone tried this?

Is it icy insanity with homing snowballs?

Projectile speed is way to slow, even regular bullets miss moving targets, despite the bullet speed increase during showdown. What’s more, the Too Scoops fires to the sides of the crosshair, the aimhack would just bone you.
That said, the reload speed bonus might make it interesting at point-blank range.

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Evidently you dont know how the to scoops works. The balls have an AOE effect on everything near them, and a decent freeze rate. Unfortunately, the increased bullet speed makes them less effective

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The balls are fat, yes, I still wouldn’t try it in showdown for anything longer than 2-3m. The decent freeze chance isn’t that decent unless the fat snowball passes through the guy, or better yet if you shoot him from above or hit his feet so the explosion gets him too.
But you’ve got me curios now, I’ll pass my clappy’s lv50 Scoops to Nisha and try it.

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Right, so being told that I don’t know how the too scoops works, after basically playing through TVHM solely with that gun on my Claptrap, really went to my heart :smiley: I reckoned I’d prove @Cowthulhu46 wrong and record Nisha playing with it, and damn, I stand corrected. What I forgot about completely is the extra two shots you get with Fistful of bullets, being able to send six snowballs downrange is awesome, and as expected, unforgiven makes it really shine. That said, I’m not sure it’d very good against guardians with their fast movement, but yeah, it’s awesome.

I miss the bouncing bullets you get with regular guns, but anyway, here’s me going through crisis scar with it (excuse the crap quality, didn’t want to accidentally fill my hard drive with unprocessed video):

Oh, and I couldn’t resist some appropriate music, don’t hate :smiley:

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Exactly. Found this out in horror when I tried a Torgue spinny gun in Showdown once, and couldn’t hit anything. No leading of targets. A Fridgia is a much better choice for a freeze-fest.

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Thanks for putting my thought experiment to the test, guys!

Awesome video and great music!