Nisha Solo: Raider Of The Locked Vault

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #1

Here is the build.


Ol’ Rosie (Shock)
Purple Maliwan Fire Beam
Purple Maliwan Acid Beam
Bladed Fridgia (Maliwan Grip)

Beam lasers are the primary guns because Showdown negates recoil while aiming down. Fridgia for freeze-n-smash while Showdown is cooling down. Idk yet how much Rosie has been nerfed.

Eddie Oz Kit - chance to drop ammo on kill, chance to regenerate shields or health, shocks close-range attackers, enough said.
Purple Cryo Transfusion Grenade - In case Order and Eddie are not enough (Better suggestions welcome)
Purple Adaptive Shield (Will probably be better with one of the unique/legendary roid shields, but I will have to try them out.)
Celestial Lawbringer COM - No explanation necessary.

I’ll try to get a video up after I complete UVHM.

(Sheriff) #2

Why not at least a single point in Quick shot ? you have a COM boost and it benefits lasers just as much as any other gun types. And versus the Sentinel, you don’t have to ADS to crit it’s face.

Also, Rarin’ to go > Jurisdiction or wanted

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #3

Huh, I guess I do not have to ADS to negate recoil. Seeing the crosshair widen made me think that, aiming down assured me that I’m staying locked on, lol. Anyway, the build is fixed. I never liked Wanted anyway. We’ll have to wait and see how well it will do in UVHM, I haven’t started yet.

(Sheriff) #4

Wanted is not excellent in any way, but it deserves a single point to get the COM bonus too :smile:
Try this:,lv60

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #5

Yeah, maybe impatience is not that necessary, so I’d take that point and put it in Wanted.

(Sheriff) #6

I think impatience is a better investment than a 5th point in jurisdiction, of course that also means your build won’t have OCD approved skills :stuck_out_tongue:

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #7

Tested out the Lv 60 build on True Mode, at Lv 50. With Rarin’ To Go and Quick Shot, Invincible Sentinel’s corrosive,final phase was over before it even started, lol. I haven’t applied the DLC and patches yet, so I still don’t know how much the Rosie is nerfed. On UVHM, this fight should be balanced. Main bosses and raid bosses count as badasses, right? So, they will get the larger shield and health boosts?

(Meta Knight, Star Warrior) #9

Ok, so I decided to try OFEOY again, but this time with a purple Hyperion(New) Pistol. And with all those fire rate boosts, holy crap it’s amazing. The main problem I had with OFEOY during vanilla, was that I tried it with Jakobs. And seriously, the skill is just not that good with semi-automatic. Having to shoot one bullet at a time, the guns would fire randomly, and one gun would reload before the other. This reload prevented me from shooting the other gun, even if that gun’s clip hadn’t emptied yet. But with an automatic pistol, and with a high enough fire rate, both guns fire simultaneously, and reload simultaneously. So yeah, I ditched Impatience and took OFEOY. We’ll see how those Hyperion Pistols do against The Invincible Sentinel now.

(Sheriff) #10

That shouldn’t happen. It doesn’t happen when I do it, and Teks made a point about it almost negating reload times…

On another note, if you can live with slow bullets, you HAVE TO try Torgue pistols :stuck_out_tongue:
With those fire rate boost, they get pretty ridiculous :slight_smile: