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Nisha the Facemooner, original post date October 17, 2014

So I just recently hit level 50 and am possibly looking at having Jakobs shotguns as my main damage dealer, exclusively using a Rustler’s Moonface. A level 44 Coach Gun got me through to the end of the game, and I’m eager to see how a 50 Moonface with desired parts ends up doing, I’m positive it will wreck face. This is how the spec turned out at the end of our TVHM playthrough, and with some early feedback here is the current version of it:

Looking at Snapshot vs Quick Shot, the 30% gun bonus is awesome while hip firing and when in Showdown, the accuracy from Snapshot seems to be negligible compared to the hipfire damage boost.

Thanks to all contributors: Chuck80, Sljm, TheGuyVatzian, nine

Order (1/5) - Heal Chance +1.2% per Stack; Max 10
Ruthless (5/5) - Showdown Duration +0.5 second per kill
Magnificent Six (5/5) - Gun Damage +30%
Short Fused (1/1) - Up to +35% Weapon Damage as Explosive Damage
Faster ‘n You (5/5) - Reload Speed +35%; Weapon Swap Speed +35%; Fire Rate +35%
Hell’s Comin’ With Me! (3/5) - Extra Shot Chance +27%
High Noon (4/5) - Gun Damage +12% / sec
One For Each of Ya (1/1) - Digistructs a copy of your pistol
Bona Fide Grit (5/5) - Regen +2.0% Max Health per second; Critical Damage +35%
Quick Shot (5/5) - Gun Damage +30%; Fire Rate +35%
Fistful of Bullets (1/1) - Mag size with all weapons +3
Crack Shot (4/5) - First bullet deals explosive damage and Gun Damage +40%
Impatience (1/1) - Stacks impatience +1% Fire Rate / stack; Max 20
Tombstone (5/5) - Crit Chance +30% for any type of shot
The Unforgiven (1/1) - 10% Ricochet and C4 EXPLOOOOSIONS at the end of Showdown

Our build shotgun
Rustler’s Moonface
Unique Jakobs Quad that fires in a Smiley Face, NE and Explosive DMG, consumes 1 Ammo Per Shot.

Alternate Suggested Gear

Legendary Jakobs shotgun returning from Borderlands 2. Amazing fire rate and damage output make this a good medium range shotgun substitute.
Alternate Shotgun
Coach Gun or other desired Jakobs shotgun

Secondary Pistols
Dastardly Maggie
Legendary Pistol returning from Borderlands 2
Zarpedon’s Cyber Eagle
Unique Shock Jakobs Pistol found from the Secret Chamber
Alternate Desired Jakobs/Hyperion Pistol
Personal Preference, etc.

Legendary Sniper returning from Borderlands 2. Great synergy with the Riflewoman tree and amazing damage output with 5/5 Tombstone.

I’ve been using Turtle Shields to beef up the shield capacity and and a cryo transfusion for healing. Any more suggestions are welcome.

Suggested Class Mods
Plus Shotgun Damage for our primary damage dealer.
[Ruthless / Bona Fide Grit / Faster 'n You]
+Shotgun Gun Damage
+Fire Rate

Six-Shooter COM
Plus Jakobs Gun Damage is good overall for pistols, snipers, and shotguns.
[Quick Shot/Crack Shot/Magnificent 6]
+Jakobs Gun Damage

Crapshooter COM
A plus Tombstone COM that increases the amount of criticals you pour out. Good with lasers.
[Tombstone/Unchained/Trick Shot]
+Critical Damage

Eridian Vanquisher COM
General all around good purpose mobbing COM. Remnants of Slayer of Terra’s +4 Base Skills.
+Fire Rate
+Air Control
+Max Health
+4 Bona Fide Grit
+4 Law
+4 Ruthless
+4 Hell’s Comin’ With Me!
+4 Snap Shot

Nisha blams 3P Raid

Preliminary Gameplay 10/16/14

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