Nisha vs Eclipse & EOS 40.5 seconds

100% legitimate killl

40.5 seconds

Well I’ve done it again.

Shoutout to @onlyin_kansas as my new competition, and proving this was possible on Nisha.

Again if anyone has any questions or if anyone wants me to go in depth just ask.

@onlyin_kansas’s 58 second kill.


This was more difficult than both Athena kills combined, and took a long time.

Another “■■■■ YEAH!!!”


Athena’s still the king though. But only by 2 seconds:3

literally godly RNG there with the “missiles launched” attack and perfect swaps. i never thought of using two mongols and crack shot. definitely going to try to improve my time if not beat yours.

Yikes, smashing records one after another!

Girl Power :stuck_out_tongue:

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If you beat this kill you win, I don’t think I’ll try this kill ever again with this strategy. It took me over 5 hours strait and over $1 billion dollars in game cash to get this.

Good luck cause your going to need it.

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Very well done, i’m impressed :slight_smile:

Way to go dude!


Huh… way to go… madam ?

Damn strait, my 1st and 3rd favorite characters in TPS. And basically all cause of your request. :acmaffirmative:

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I hope you meant Nisha, I’m a guy. :wink:

Thanks for the compliment though.

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i know the struggle. got a 22 second eclipse phase, then EOS didn’t get one shotted. massive sadness.

It’s kind of hard to tell from behind a screen :stuck_out_tongue:
Glad this is sorted out

Way to go dude!

You don’t even know the half of it. :sweat_smile:

The amount of times this happened almost gave me a heart attack and caused me to want to break many many things.

…I bet the same kinds of times are possible with Jack
:wink: anyone wanna try ?

get some jack players in here! we need a challenger for all characters!
but actually on a more serious note, id like to see all the characters try this and see what times they get. it would be fun to see who is the king (or queen) of DPS.


If I do anyone else it will be Clappy. For my sanity I don’t think I’ll do anyone with stacks. And Wilhelm is Wilhelm so… But if anyone does it, I might take it on then. :+1:

For now its Athena by 2 seconds, but as of now I don’t see how Jack or Wilhelm could do it.

flakker clappy is pretty fast on Eclipse, but on EOS, he struggles.

better safe then sorry.
on a brighter note i am now going to be starting my runs to beat this time with a new and improved strategy! wish me luck!

I’m pretty sure that Athena and Nisha are, but being able to put them in order could be fun.

I’m guessing Athena/Nisha are tied for first (a few seconds difference is mainly down to RNG, so in my book they are equal)

Then I don’t know anything about Aurelia

Then Clappy is fast but is reliant on RNG, and Jack with AA could pull it off… I don’t know the specifics…

Then Wilhelm… poor wilhelm

On accident I almost one shot EOS with Clappy and a Shield bypass Flakker (About 20% health left, the normal maximum is 50% for me). But that’s one time since the Claptastic Voyage came out. I don’t think I’ll try for a while, or unless someone else does it first.