Nisha vs EOS and Eclipse in 58 Seconds

Hey everyone! for the last couple of weeks, i’ve been trying to get the nisha WR kill on EOS and Eclipse. so far, the best time i’ve gotten is 58 seconds. the most up to date kill can be found at the top of the thread. also, feel free to suggest changes to strategy and gear as well as posting your own kills here. by the way, timing starts as soon as you jump out of the gate into the arena and ends when EOS’ health bar disappears.
Shoutouts to @byzoo_style @Chuck80 @Hoyle4 @khimerakiller for helping me with my strategy and gear to improve my times.
Athena times
@ItsmeJamesAJ 's kill:

@khimerakiller 's kill

Nisha times

@khimerakiller 's kill


Just a bit of a warning, you might have trouble because fire rate caps on consoles. More frames allows more dos.

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Yeah, kinda like how my Mac has trouble dealing with the fire rate of Hyperion shottys at 999 stacks of Maelstrom with Storm Weaving and Unrelenting active…

Glad you’ve decided to make your own thread on Nisha subforum! Hopefully this triggers (not the tumblr kind of way; more like “encourages”) Nisha people to go for the fastest times possible!

Isn’t charris’ like 3 or was his timed not from entering the arena? Regardless this can probably be sped up with a badaboom or a Mongol in the first step right?

You’re absolutely right. His was timed from the moment he shot, so that would add about 5 seconds to his run.

Mongol spam + tombstone is definitely one thing kansas can try out on Eclipse.

I am really surprised that @charrisx hasn’t chimed in on this yet. I look to him for advice on Nisha with gear and spec. From what I have read and seen from him, I think he’d be willing to take this challenge on. :smile:

im not sure where @charrisx went, i PM’d him several times about various nisha things and he hasn’t responded to any of them.

is rocket spamming allowed? i thought it was banned from official speed killing.

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i know the struggle.

I believe he’s sitting in time out.

explain please. im new.

No, no. It’s “controversial” but by all means, it’s perfectly legal. It’s only illegal when you’re drunk while spamming rockets. Also when you fire mongol shots and switch to other weapons for crit bonuses. (the most popular being the mongol -> switch to Hail combo)

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ok, what would be the best parts? best launcher?

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I’m new too, but I talked to him sort of recently and he said he doesn’t play this game anymore or something along the lines. I think that basically means he’s taking a break or something.

Rocket spamming is always best done with either Badaboom or Mongol. Trust me, I’ve tested a lot of rocket launchers.

badaboom or mongol with matching grip, torgue exhaust, tediore, vladof, or maliwan sight, grenade damage luneshine?

Probably maliwan sight + torgue exhaust for both badaboom and mongol

He was suspended for about a week for breaking forum rules.

Though this was about 3 weeks ago, so it doesn’t explain his absence for now.
My guess is that he moved on to another game, just like what happens to most people who leave the forums.

I am not surprised by that.

My guess is that the Jakobs Nisha build thread having been locked may have turned him down. He was putting a solid effort to keep that thread alive.

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