Nisha Vs. Holodome Badass Round

So, Nisha’s glass cannon nature finally starts to show, in the higher rounds of The Holodome. How are people doing with NIsha in the Holodome? The old standby of wasting everything with the Rosie is significantly nerfed on UVHM, especially with the amount of badasses in The Holodome’s badass round? What gear do people use instead?

maxed trickshot, chronicler mod or crapshooter and just fire away with cryo guns, also have some explosive pistols ready. Rosie is still a nice backup for those trashmobs.

Should one go Rifle-Hammer, or Rifle-Order?

Both work, as long as you use cryo as your primary crowd control. Frozen badasses can’t pound you, easy as that. Hammer/Rifle would be more user friendly in terms of damage output.

Running a melee hybrid with order/hammer can be tough, but more rewarding.


I have not used the Rosie since UVHM came along. I really don’t see it as a good weapon for Nisha outside of big bosses. The fact that it doesn’t work with Trick shot is a deal breaker for me. And outside of showdown, this thing is impossible to aim.

Put at least 12 points into L&O like this: and the rest can go anywhere.

For general purpose, for me it’s either the Chronicler COM, or a Purple Sheriff COM. Get a good Casual Torguemada, a Fridgia and a few Tediore splitters, and you’re good to go. Other good all-around choices include the Major Tom, Maliwan Blasters and the party line

Yup, this is the build I will try.

What weapons are you running? Why no Unchained, Rarin’ To Go, or Hell’s Coming With Me? IMO… Ruthless is a little meh in the Holodome as there just isn’t enough groups of enemies to really stack it a bunch.

Personally, I like using Maggies. Very ammo efficient for the Holodome (and everywhere) and hit very hard. Obviously, there would be some adjustments to the skills and play style. Use Showdown to get first kill and then Tombstone after that.

Fridgia , Casual Torguemada and badaboom (for second winds) are pretty much the requisites for the Holodome BA Round for me.
I like using Jakobs guns (Skullmasher, Gattling gun, maggie, striker) for keeping distance to enemies.
Using launch pads is important to rush to the next enemy within the kill skill duration. Buttslamming is also important.

You’d be better off with a chronicler of Ellpis than a crapshooter IMO. Also, high noon is overrated.

Pretty good build otherwise. :slight_smile:

Well your build has more survivability anyway than mine, so. Can’t help much.

I like to periodically throw out a good supply of transfusions.

Here is the build I am currently using and I don’t go down very often. Frankly, she stays up longer than Jack for me, but that probably has something to do with my ability to play the characters lol.

Edit: I also use 1: rosie 2: fridgia 3: fragnum 4: corrosive taser, for my weapons, turtles, eddie, celestial lawbringer, and quasar for support items
I would welcome any suggestions people have for me :smile:

Yeah, Chronicler is better, with its effects and skill boosts. And, the splitter works really well, but eats up ammo pretty fast. So, shock splitter, fridgia, fragnum, and corrosive splitter or taser.

Edit: So, the splitter was wasting too much ammo, and trick shot just wasn’t working for me. So, I went back to this build:

And this loadout: purple maliwan shock blaster, fridgia, purple torgue slapper, corrosive taser, purple adaptive shield, cryo transfusion, and voltaic juggernaut oz kit.

Despite none of my guns being ammo guzzlers, Nisha still uses a lot of ammo, and I had to open some chests, which I did not have to do with Wilhelm or Athena.

I guess the main thing I had to change was, to use Showdown defensively instead of offensively.

Also, why are some of Nisha’s critical hits highlighted purple?

Tombstone crits are purple

Also, 2 of your guns are pistols, and ammo issues with Nisha are almost always about pistols.

Actually, during my last run, my laser ammo was running low. I may have gotten a little careless with my blaster. My pistol ammo was ok, but it got a bit low after I finished the last wave. On my second-to-last run I had used the 88 Fragnum, and that definitely ate through my entire pistol ammo supply. Which is why I ditched it for the purple Slapper.

In general, I think you’re on the right track. For raw power and efficiency, the Cryo + Explosive + Tombstone combo is the best Nisha has. The Fridgia + Casual Torguemada (or any Casual Torgue shotgun) is beastly. Sljm’s Coldsplosion build is the gold standard here, even if I tweak it for my own playstyle. To get the most out of both Trick Shot and flak on Torguemada, get used to jumping above enemies and shooting down (or lining them up against a wall or object).

I tried a few pistol builds (mostly Maggie and T4s-R) that involve OFEoY, but the ammo consumption is off the charts. Interested in how your experience with the Slapper is working out.

Also, re: Rosie. I think there’s definitely a very viable lasers build out there, and Rosie may be part of it. More thoughts on that build below.

Here’s what I ran for Coldsplosion (with some random beam love for survivability–I put in alternatives that, looking back, might be better for a pure Coldsplosion build):

I did a few runs a while back with a laser theme and Celestial Lawbringer. (See Chuck80’s PewPew… build for a good starting point.) If I were to do it again, it’d probably look something like this:

One thing I liked is that you spend a lot of time in Showdown (which comes back up very fast, thanks to Celestial Lawbringer) and with your first kill and order stacks, you’re basically an invincible killing machine during Showdown, particularly with the continuous damage bonus. However, beams have basically zero synergy with Unforgiven, let alone Trick Shot, so your long-term, single target DPS is very good, but it’s not quite as insane as Coldsplosion for large groups. Celestial Lawbringer is also the best COM, I think, for general survivability.

…I may actually try this again. :smile:

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I can answer that one.

A slapper build is the only pistol build I have played that has a sustainable ammo consumption outside of Jakobs builds. Switching between dual cryo taser and slapper is very fast and if you mainly stick to the slapper (and only use the taser to freeze) you can keep it going a long time. Either with a Desperado, Sheriff or lone star COM and a tranquillity oz kit (gotta maximize each shot).

Note that trick shot is almost vital if you want to use Torgue guns farther than point blank. Trick shot also has the advantage of speeding up bullets that ricochet to normal bullet speed.

Ooh, I had forgotten about this point. I mainly use Torgue guns with the Cryosplosion style builds anyway, so probably took it for granted.

How would you say the DPS of dual slappers compares to, say, non-Torguemada guns? Would say its on par with a Casual Ravager or the 2-shot one? (I think you like the 2-shot one better, IIRC…definitely way more efficient.)

Getting a straight number for DPS would be misleading, since Nisha makes pistols crazy fast… I don’t know what equation could be used that would be fair… But it’s pretty good.

Man I wish we had a very powerful and slow pistol like BL2’s Rex for Nisha. THAT’S what she needs.

Agreed on powerful and slow guns. I do like dual Maggies and dual T4s-Rs, though. Lots of fun.

re DPS. Yeah, agree with you that the number is misleading. As long as you feel like the DPS was good, that’s what I cared about. We can leave the math to the…math people.