Nisha without Jakobs = Fail

I’d barely ever used a Jakobs until I played with Nisha… now they’re my favorite guns, bar the assault rifles which fire far too slowly for me to be able to get to grips with.

@Chuck80 Why do I feel like you would love Jakobs only Mordecai? As long as you could adjust to BL1 Jakobs having slow fire rate and lots of recoil, I think you would love Jakobs Mordy.

Haha! Maybe :slight_smile:
But there is a big difference between knowing how a gun should be used and being able to do so efficiently, or liking to do so. I’m pretty sure my go-to in BL1 would be Brick. In BL2 I was a Sal player first … He has no real equivalent in TPS :slight_smile:

That’s weird, since they fire just as fast as pistols or shotguns…

Actually, the Gatling Guns do tend to fire pretty slowly at first.

LOL, I could never punch the trigger fast enough to notice. Like I said, it’s less about shooting fast as shooting well with Jakobs. Unless you’re in showdown, you should always take a split second to correct recoil between shots.

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[quote=“Chuck80, post:5, topic:115248, full:true”] … Jakobs guns are NOT noob-friendly: they are an expert’s tool.
Ha! Proving my point! (Well – ‘proving’)

Showdown may aim for crits but it seems like I have little control under showdown (e.g., may want to headshot but showdown forces body shots?)

Showdown aims for body shot when you hip fire, but aims for crits when you aim down the sight

And I’m not sure using non-Jakobs guns is failure. Nisha is designed to be good with Jakobs… Among the rest. She has a lot of skills that specifically suck for Jakobs… So I don’t think there is a point in using Jakobs for the sake of using Jakobs.

I’m having the most fun with Lasers and non-Jakobs shotguns so far.

In short: Nisha can make Jakobs guns work, but she doesn’t need them to be good.

If would WANT to use Jakobs, Nisha gives you the best options… But Jakobs are still Jakobs: it’s the player that makes them work first and foremost.

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So, like you, @CDR_Shepard, I would not classify myself as an expert. :slight_smile:

In fact, in all of the other Borderlands games, I’ve avoided Jakobs guns like the plague because I can’t stand all the clicking and the recoil.

However, one word to remember in BL:TPS when thinking about Jakobs is: Cryo. Cryo is Jakobs’ best friend. You freeze a dude. They stand still for 8s, making it easy to get a headshot off from point blank. Moreover, your crit gets 200% more damage against them while frozen AND then benefits from Jakobs’ special multiplicative damage bonus. That is what winning all around feels like. :smile:

Trust me, I’ve been working on this for a while now… [/endshamelessplug]

I love using her with Jakobs sniper rifles and shotguns, because they’re largely one-shot deals. She’s got these great buffs to fire rate which otherwise go wasted with Jakobs weapons (for me anyway), so I find myself using Hyperion pistols and Scav or Torgue assault rifles with her. I also like using the Vandergraffen with her just because she can actually keep it on target at length while in Showdown. As has been mentioned above, she makes Jakobs weapons shine, but she does just fine without them if that’s your thing.

There can not be a better and more accurate description than this . And also, there is more to Jakobs:

Getting specialized at Jakobs (or aiming) was one of the BEST experiences I had in this game. Constantly one shotting form sniper range with dual maggies or coach guns makes you feel a true badass Clint Eastwood :slight_smile:

In path to being a Jakobs specialist, I see 2 most critical steps to be taken:

1-Turn off Auto aim
Sometimes Autoaim looks like it is helping aiming very much, But sometimes it intervenes to your control when you dont want it to. This avoids player from getting very well used to the control device. Therefore, no autoaim is the first important step.

2-Max SNAPSHOT Skill
Many Nisha Players can claim that Snapshot is the most useless skill. That is for one reason : Showdown makes the snapshot and also aiming unnecessary. If you want to depend on your hands for aiming, you have to get every accuracy improvement and recoil reduction available. The impact the snapshot can be seem small at first. But the accuracy recovery (The time you have to wait to target reticule to return its smallest size) improvement from this skill is very important for getting prepared for the next shot.

This thread encourages me to write my “Nisha: The Sharphooter” build into the forum. It is a build based on no showdown and no Trickshot and pure aiming

Jakobs is nice and all & very powerful with Nisha, but I don’t think you should feel bad if you don’t use them. The game is still supposed to be fun, her skill tree is versatile enough for you to use weapons that you like using. Of course, you can put effort in trying to learn Jakobs, but please don’t think non-Jakobs Nisha is wrong per se. I wouldn’t think any playstyle is wrong, as long as you have fun.

I suspect it’s just me, but I prefer Dahl or Vladof AR’s so used to just being able to hold my finger down to fire.

Doesn’t seem to be an issue for me with pistols, and would never hold my finger down to fire a sniper rifle anyway.

Honestly, its hard to argue with a full jakobs arsenal. Six shooter COM, striker, skullmasher, Maggie, and coachgun to name only a few fantastic options


Like others have already mentioned earlier in the thread, Nisha has a ton of fire rate buffs that get wasted on Jakobs guns. This is why I propose that Hyperion weaponry is actually her strongest alignment of all the manufacturers.

Sure you could go into mag 6 and crack shot with a striker… But consider a Non-Elemental Hyperion Bullpup or Thinking and you open up a whole new array of options:

  • you get the full benefit of both buffs from Quick Shot (gun damage and fire rate).

  • unchained is a useful additional fire rate buff.

  • no more, ‘tap tapping’ the trigger. Just squeeze.

  • you can still get the full benefit of Tombstone, Trick Shot, Hot Lead, Bona-fide Grit, Mag6, and Crack Shot with it being NE.

  • if you choose to aim for the crit spot, the accuracy gain from continuous firing will help out tremendously.

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I really don’t find jakobs guns hard to use. The only jakobs guns I feel the need to use are pistols because with OFEOY other manufactures run through ammo to quick.

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She’s amazing with Vladof pistols for the 4.2 seconds it takes to run out of ammo.

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[quote=“Afro_Samurai, post:19, topic:115248”]
… But consider a Non-Elemental Hyperion Bullpup or Thinking[/quote]
What’s the advantage of non-elemental here? I’m always trying to match elements (shock for shields, etc.) and don’t quite understand where non-elementals fit in?

Non-elemental guns have higher base damage, and Nisha has skills that work for non-elemental guns.

It’s also pretty much fool-proof when it comes to matching resistances

[quote=“Chuck80, post:23, topic:115248, full:true”]
Non-elemental guns have higher base damage, and Nisha has skills that work for non-elemental guns.[/quote]

Oh, yeah – Hot Lead & Magnificent Six – forgot about those ('cause Jakobs!)

Wouldn’t matching resistances win out, damage-wise, in most cases?

yes of course it would.

But never having to change guns is also a good thing :slight_smile: