Nishas Melee, what you think?

I have made a build utilizing Nishas melee, mind telling me what you think? Thanks!

Sigh… Yes, the skills are pretty well placed and you make good use of OFEOY’s double melee bonus, but your reliance on gibbed gear tosses all those accomplishments down the tubes. You don’t even need the Probe! Do you have any idea how stupidly hard it is to get a cryo probe to spawn in the first place legitimately ? Let alone one with a blade ? Hint: it’s hard enough that no one in their right mind would depend on it.

I think if you presented this build with a legit load out, you would get some quite positive feedback.

Just drop it and post a legit build with any other bladed pistol :smile:

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Also, nice avatar. FO NV Shotgun surgeon <3

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