NM3 item score question

Been farming gravy for some time on TVHM no mayhem and its been ok

Today i decided to do NM3 and wow but anyways getting 1 to 3 legs a kill but there item scores are sooooo low compared to the bules and purps

Legs avg around 506-526
Blues/purps are 556 and up

I dont get it

what is NM3? MayhemMode?

NM3 - Normal Mode, Mayhem Level 3
Mayhem Mode - Unlocked after beating the Campaign for the first time, modifies certain aspects of the game like gun damage etc.

Aha thanks, I haven’t touched tvhm and im 50 also on normal mode mm3.
Didn’t know people call it nm3.

To get back on topic,
I have no clue, we started a different thread trying to figure out the highest ilvl and how it is calculated, the highest I have seen is 647, and the highest legendary with proof is 641.
Mine was a purple vladof AR though, some people think the ilvl is calculated based on the parts a gun has as some guns have better dmg but a lower ilvl than another exact same gun with less dmg output. It’s weird.