No ammo and cannot buy ammo

When the game loaded up on a previous save, I had no ammo. When attempting to purchase ammo, the system would take my money, but no ammo was given. After a restart, my ammo flashes 0/-xxxxx. I cannot play if I cannot shoot.

Yeah me to. Is anyone else having this problem? Or know on how to fix it?

I have a sneaking suspicion that this has to do with having unlimited ammo on the save. I am going to try to find someone, or try my hand at removing the “unlimitedness” of the ammo in the save myself. I will let everyone know how that goes as soon as I know.

Do you still have the games on the ps3?

I do, I have it downloaded so I will be able to grab the save from there, modify it, load it back on the ps3 then cross save it to PS4

Can you friend me on ps4? Psn FLOYD1369
I would like to talk to you more about it

I was able to deduce that an old save had a modifier for “unlimited” ammo. You cannot have that on the save transferred to the ps4, if you do, you will run into the same issue I had. To solve this problem, the old save CANNOT have unlimited ammo.

Yeah… Talking about modifying saves isn’t allowed here.