No Android Category?

Ok so I have this game all dlc’s and such for my steam pc version. Currently my pc is out of comission. I am playing on my Nvidia Android Shield TV.

  1. I am curious why there isn’t a Separate Android discussion section.

  2. Kind of upset I bought the Borderlands 2 only to find out that Borderlands 2 GOTY is on geforce now with all expansions/dlc’s . Kickin’ my own butt atm over this have to wait til next month to buy it.

  3. Where are the bloody save files for the Nvidia Shield TV for this game. I am kind of curious if and when I get the Goty edition next month if i will be able to copy my saves from my old pc hard drives over. But the save game files are no where to be located.

  4. regardings the game saves. If i buy the goty edition next month will my current game saves carry over to that version or will I have to start all over again? This will be a deciding factor on wether or not i spend the money for the goty edition.

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  1. How does the friends list work on this game? Like can I play with my friends who own it on steam/pc?
    if so how do I add them to my game account?
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Friendslist: First log into your Google+ account go into people or contacts and you can add or find friends there. Once someone is friended on google+ their name will show up as inviteable to a game in game. My buddy in reinstalling his steam version to see if we can even play together at all or if it’s not possible at all. Will update once we figure it out.

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