No Answer for good Marquis on Overgrowth

This isn’t a Marquis is OP thread. Just looking for some tactics as to how to combat him on Overgrowth when played correctly.

Just got well and truly steamrolled in Incursion and the Marquis on the other team was awesome. Great movement, accuracy was good, went 19 and 2 with 36 minions. No matter how we approached, his coverage up on the ledge was too good and allowed his team mates to keep good pressure on in the mid ground.

Could very well have been a premade group which is fine but even so there was no point in the match where I felt we could get more than a few good seconds of push happening.

Any word on some decent tactics to get around this kind of thing as a team, in particular some decent tactics to knock off that pesky butler?

Cheers mates :grin: