No Anti Cheat? (Battleborn PC)

Ran into two scripters tonight (both snipers) which killed the night for me and my friends. Found out the game has no anti cheat or minimal anti cheat after doing some searching on the forums. The release of this game in general has been handled very poorly.

Very little advertising. Releasing during a busy month for shooters (Overwatch and Doom). Several issues with the games formula/UI (will make a separate post on that).

The community after two weeks is dead on PC and never peaked above 12k.

And ontop of this no anti cheat on PC. Not even VAC support. Which is a must if you want to maintain a PC community. Titanfall made this mistake and it costed them dearly (combined with other issues it had).

Really love this game and was happy to see a larger company make what is basically a better version of SMNC. Hopefully Gearbox gets this fixed and quickly.

even if it had anti cheat you’d still get people cheating, doesnt excuse not having it tho